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Chapter 1322: Compensation (1)

On the other side, Duan Yuan had started to mobilize all his subordinates to investigate Shen Yanxiao.

The elves were very efficient.

However, when Duan Yuan received the news, he was surprised.

The source of the news was from a black-level city called Wind City.

According to the information, Shen Yanxiao suddenly appeared in Fragrant Night City half a year ago.

Later on, she got to know Mo Yu because she wanted to join the training camp.

When she was in Fragrant Night City, Mo Yu had asked Shen Yanxiao to undergo a test.

As Shen Yanxiaos test result was too unimaginable, many elves in Fragrant Night City remembered this little elf.

Many elves clearly remembered that Shen Yanxiao only had a cyan badge without any tribal badge.

After that, Mo Yu sent Shen Yanxiao to the advanced training camp.

Later on, Shen Yanxiao spent her days in the advanced training camp.

She was also appreciated by Elder Yue in the advanced training camp and was recruited into the Moonlight Tribe.

Only then did she have a tribe.

It could be said that when Shen Yanxiao was in Fragrant Night City, she was a penniless little elf.

If not for the series of fortuitous encounters that followed, probably no one would expect her to have her current achievements.

A row of records about Shen Yanxiao was placed before Duan Yuan.

Other than shock, he was speechless.

The source of this information was absolutely reliable and it was impossible for it to be false.

This meant that everything Shen Yanxiao said was true.

She was an orphan that was picked up and raised by a mythical beast!

“Nothing is impossible in this world.” Duan Yuan forced a smile.

No wonder the mythical beast was so generous to an elf.

Shen Yanxiao was raised by a mythical beast!

After confirming Shen Yanxiaos identity, Duan Yuan would naturally believe everything she said.

Evidently, the Moonshine Tribe was innocent.

“Forget it.

We still have to give Yan Xiao an explanation for this.” Duan Yuan sighed and got up to walk towards the lounge.

He had made a mistake in his judgment, so he should give Shen Yanxiao and the Moonshine Tribe an explanation.

Duan Yuan carefully ordered his men to place the gemstones and crystal coins that belonged to Shen Yanxiao in the storeroom before he went to the lounge.

Before they entered the lounge, Duan Yuan heard the conversation between Duan Xue and Shen Yanxiao.

A smile surfaced on his originally tense face.

To be honest, it was commendable that Shen Yanxiao could come this far.

He was also happy that his daughter had befriended such a talented elf.

“Yan Xiao, the matter has been clarified and it was our mistake.

Ive already tasked them to retrieve your items for you.

Im so sorry.” Duan Yuan felt his face heating up when he thought about how a city lord like him had snatched a little kids property.

Of course, he would not take a single cent.

All the seized gems and crystal coins were kept in the storeroom.

If the Moonshine Tribe was found guilty, then these items would be handed over to the Elf King for processing.

Vermilion Bird snorted when he saw Duan Yuan.

Shen Yanxiao smiled and said.

“Its alright.

Its good that the misunderstanding has been resolved.

City Lord Duan Yuan, thank you.”

“Youre too kind.

It was all my fault.” The more polite Shen Yanxiao was, the more embarrassed Duan Yuan felt.

As a result, Duan Yuan did not notice that under Shen Yanxiaos innocent smile, her eyes were flickering with an evil glint.


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