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“As expected, we still have to rely on brother Shangguan during crucial times.” Cao Xu chuckled.

However, he was also dismayed as Shangguan Xiao had the opportunity to snatch the limelight once again.

Even so, none of them were willing to keep watch as it was a long day for them, and they were exhausted.

Shangguan Xiao shot him a glance and took out five bottles of Quagmire potion from his space ring.

In reality, he was hesitant to part with those bottles of potion.

If it were not for him to show off in front of Qian Shanni, he would never have offered his precious potions for use.

“However, I have to make this clear.

I only have five bottles of Quagmire potion with me, and so, I can only deal with this for one night.

From tomorrow onwards, we will have to depend on the three of you.”

“Dont worry, well think of something tomorrow.”

“I will scatter this potion at the cave entrance and leave a concealed safe passage.

If you want to leave during the night, remember to go through that path.” Shangguan Xiao spoke rather arrogantly.

He thought it was refreshing to see the top ranked swordsman and archer act meekly in front of him.

When they had first formed the group, the two of them had acted rather arrogant.

Shangguan Xiao arranged the trap and left a safe path that was only big enough for a single foot to pass through.

No one would have discovered that path if they did not witness Shangguan Xiao as he placed the trap.

When everything was arranged, all five of them who had a load in their minds finally drifted off to sleep.

However, none of the group members noticed the two small silhouettes that quietly followed behind them as night fell.

Shen Yanxiao leaned on the tree as she lazily looked at the youths who hid within the cave.

The Vermilion Bird dangled its pair of pale white legs as it sat on a tree branch.

It blinked its scarlet eyes as it looked at Shen Yanxiaos fake smile.

“Hey, you have been following them for half a day.

What exactly are you planning to do” The Vermilion Bird found it hard to understand his new masters actions.

Shen Yanxiao quirked an eyebrow and looked up at the bright moon in the sky.

“Im thinking of whether I should play around.”

“Play” The Vermilion Bird did not understand.

“There is no challenge in stealing the badges from these idiots.” As a thief goddess with goals and aspirations, Shen Yanxiao could not bear to look at those few defenseless idiots.

Their only useful trap had been completed right in front of her, and the safety path was practically a wide-opened door.

For her to steal their badges was as simple as to take something from her own house.

“…” The Vermilion Bird discovered that its new masters interest was very odd.

That was something that she could have accomplished quickly, but she was vexed because the process was not a challenge for her.

Perhaps she was ill, and needed medicine

“Why dont I try the Illusion Construct” Shen Yanxiao had a sudden flash of inspiration.

Before the test, she had learned two new combination curses, and one of them could cause the other party to hallucinate.

She could even control the person so that they would act according to her instructions for a short period based on the illusion that she constructed.

Ever since Shen Yanxiao started to learn the skills of a warlock, she had not had the opportunity to experiment on anyone.

She had only heard fragmented information from Tang Nazhi that some singular curses could cause some perverted effects.

However, she was unaware of the impact of that combination curse.

The effect of a curse formed by four singular curses could not have been that bad, right

Furthermore, even if the Illusion Construct curse failed, she could still obtain those badges with her skills.

Since she would have no problem with acquiring those badges, why not use them as an experiment for her new skills

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