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Chapter 1318: You Are All Thieves (1)

The city lord of Jadeite City, Duan Yuan, was currently seated in the conference hall as he listened to his subordinates analysis of the Moonshine Tribe elves situation.

The gentle and beautiful female elf seated beside him was Duan Yuans daughter, Duan Xue.

“Theres still room for discussion about the Moonshine Tribe.

Since they insist that an elf traded with them, I think its better to continue with the investigation,” a young elf said.

“Whats there to investigate Weve been guarding the entrance of the Moonshine Trading House for so many days, but weve come up empty handed.

We didnt even see that mythical beast they mentioned.

Besides, I dont think mythical beasts would help elves.

Its more likely that they would help humans.” The older elf clearly did not have a favorable impression of the Moonshine Tribe elves.

Duan Yuan felt a headache as he listened.

The Moonshine Tribe was once one of the highest-ranked tribes, and they had a rather high reputation in the Moon God Continent.

It was not until after the incident with the Saintess that their reputation was greatly damaged.

Later on, they were demoted and dealt with for some special reasons.

However, as a matter of fact, Duan Yuan had interacted with the elves of the Moonshine Tribe several times, and he felt that they were simple-minded.

It was hard to associate them with the wordtraitor.

“Didnt they say that the mythical beast would only come once in a while How long have we waited Its not appropriate to convict them so blindly.” The young elf disagreed with his senior.

The older elf said, “Why dont you tell me which elf you know is on good terms with a magical beast Not to mention its a mythical beast with extremely high intelligence.

Moreover, the elves of the Moonshine Tribe have a close relationship with humans, and isnt that mixed-race in their tribe the best proof”

“These two things cannot be mixed together!” the young elf angrily said.

Duan Yuan sighed.

Just as he was about to say something, the elves guarding outside rushed in in a panic.

“Reporting to the city lord! There is a mythical beast requesting to see you.” The guard hastily reported the news.

In fact, the news had been filtered by him.

It had to be known that the mythical beasts original words were not so polite.

What request

He directly told Duan Yuan to get lost and meet him!

“Could it be the mythical beast that the Moonshine Tribe mentioned” The elves in the conference room were puzzled.

Duan Yuan immediately stood up and headed out of the mansion.

Before he stepped out of the gates, a wave of heat assaulted his face and the blazing flames burned all the way to the mansion before disappearing in an instant along with the surging heatwave.

Alarmed, Duan Yuan hastened his steps.

Outside the city lords mansion of Jadeite City, two petite figures were standing upright.

A cute little boy with red hair and scarlet flames on his face stood with his hands on his hips.

He opened his mouth and spat out flames at the gates of the mansion.

The little elf standing beside the cute little boy had a calm expression on her face.

She did not feel that what they had done was earth-shattering.

The moment Duan Yuan stepped out the door, he saw that the cute little lad was prepared to spew out another sea of fire.

Cold sweat dripped down from his forehead as he hastily said, “I am the City Lord of Jadeite City, Duan Yuan.

I wonder why this mythical beast would try to burn down the city lords estate”

Accompanied by Duan Yuans cry of surprise, the little boy raised his eyebrows and swallowed back the flame he had spat out.

He then arrogantly looked at Duan Yuan who was drenched in cold sweat and impolitely said.

“You dont know Youve taken my little girls jewels and even deducted her money.

Im being very polite to not burn you into ashes!”


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