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Chapter 1315: Sealed Off (3)

Shen Yanxiaos lips twitched.

Even though the voice was unfamiliar, she was one hundred percent sure that she had heard it before!

Looking at his energetic hands, the color of his skin was different from an elf.

Evidently, the owner of that hand was a human, not an elf!

Shen Yanxiao could only think of one person who could be imprisoned here!

Theflower thief that was detained because he had chased the City Lords daughter, her third uncle—Shen Jing!

Shen Yanxiao was speechless.

Wasnt her third uncle too carefree

Even if the conditions of the cell were pretty good, he was still a prisoner.

Did he have to be so enthusiastic Did he have to be so cocky as to invite his cellmate to eat fruits

Shen Yanxiao looked up at the sky speechlessly.

She could understand why Shen Feng would subconsciously ignore this son of his.

It was honestly…

She could not bear to look at him.

The number of times Shen Yanxiao had interacted with Shen Jing could be counted on one hand.

She practically never had any conversation with him.

The few times they met, Shen Feng would urge them to go through the motions.

It could be said that Shen Jing was Shen Yanxiaos most unfamiliar family member.

Shen Yanxiao suppressed her internal roasting and soundlessly walked over.

Shen Jing, who was standing inside the cage and extending his hand to his friend, did not realize that his niece had come to his side.

He was still smiling as he delivered fruits to his cellmate.

Shen Jing was already in his early forties, but due to the Vermilion Bird Familys natural good looks and coupled with the fact that he ate, drank, and enjoyed himself, he looked no different from a young master in his twenties.

Speaking of which, Shen Jings appearance could be said to be the best among the second-generation of the Vermilion Bird Family, with the exception of Shen Yu.

When Shen Jing was not having his crazy stints, he looked gentle and refined.

His movements were elegant, and his smile made him look noble and gentle.

However, the moment she spoke…

He was just a playboy!

Even though Shen Jing was in a cell, his white brocade robes were not stained with dust.

His jet-black long hair was tied up neatly and a jade pendant on his waist swayed with his movements.

At a glance, he looked like a handsome and elegant young master.


Thisyoung master was currently expressing hisfriendship with the seven or eight elves in the opposite cage.

“Young Master Shen, we appreciate your kindness.

But,this fruit… you should eat it yourself.” The elf opposite him looked at Shen Jing, who was overly enthusiastic, with embarrassment.

“I still have a lot left.

I cant eat all of you by myself.

It will consume a lot of your energy if you have so many mouths.

Dont be so polite.

By right, we are in-laws.” Shen Jing did not mind the elfs refusal at all.

The elves imprisoned in front of Shen Jing were from the Moonshine Tribe.

Shen Yanxiao recognized the two young elves she met at the Moonshine Trading House.

At that very moment, their expressions were extremely gloomy as they stood by the wall with their heads hung low.

“Theres really no need.” The elves of the Moonshine Tribe were embarrassed.

They were not in the mood to eat at all.

They recognized Shen Jing.

Miss Wen Ya from their tribe was married to Shen Jings younger brother, Shen Yu.

Previously, the Moonshine Tribe had some contact with Shen Jing and they did not feel any repulsion towards him.

However, they were not in the mood to chat with Shen Jing.


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