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Chapter 1306: Enchanter (2)

Shen Yanxiao was very interested in Enchanters.

If she could use enchantment scrolls to cast a barrier around Sun Never Sets, the defenses of Sun Never Sets would be unbreakable!

Furthermore, enchantment scrolls had a wide range of uses.

However, no human in the Brilliance Continent knew how to enchant.

Enchantment was invented by the elves.

In the war between the gods and devils, humans and elves formed a temporary alliance.

During that period, there were many humans who learned enchantment from the elves.

However, after the war between the gods and devils, the relationship between the elves and humans became estranged.

Most of the humans who learned enchantment had died in battle.

Those who survived were friendly with elves, and they did not wish to hand over the knowledge of enchantment to humans without the permission of the elves.

During the war between gods and devils, humans were much more simple-minded.

The foundation of enchantment was to write inscriptions, and the profound meaning of enchantment lay in those obscure words.

Those obscure words were not elvish, nor were they written in the language of the different races.

Instead, they were magical words that contained magical power.

The effects of different combinations of words were completely different.

Moreover, there could not be any deviation when writing, or else the words would lose their effects.

Furthermore, inscriptions were not written with ordinary ink.

Instead, it was a unique enchantment potion.

Only the elves had this enchantment potion.

This was also one of the reasons why enchantment had disappeared from the human race.

Without the potion, humans could not write inscriptions with magic power.

Enchantment potions were strictly prohibited from being sold to outsiders in the Moon God Continent.

As long as they were discovered, they would be immediately executed without any parole.

There were a few bottles of enchantment potions and a quill among the items Liang Qiu gave her.

Those enchantment potions were stored in a palm-sized spherical bottle, and a sparkling golden liquid could be seen in the crystal clear bottle.

Shen Yanxiao opened a bottle and took a sniff.

There was no scent.

She reached out her pinky and dipped it into the potion.

Immediately, she saw a small golden liquid swaying on her fingertips.

It did not spread out as easily as water.

Instead, it condensed into a round ball that swayed on her fingertips.

“How am I supposed to write with this potion” Shen Yanxiao curiously looked at thelittle water droplet on her fingertips.

How was she supposed to write with such a thick liquid

“If you wish to learn, you can ask that elf named Liang Qiu.” Xius voice sounded in Shen Yanxiaos ears.

Shen Yanxiao stuck out her tongue and put thelittle water droplet back into the bottle.

“I want to learn, but Im afraid I dont have enough time.

I have to make a trip to Jadeite City.” Shen Yanxiao sighed.

There were too many mysteries in the world of elves that she wanted to learn, but she did not have much time.

She would be entering Moonshine City in another month, which was the destination for her trip.

She had to undo the seal on her body and search for her parents who might be trapped in Moonshine City.

For the remaining month, she had to make a trip to Jadeite City to see the Moonshine Tribe and…

That unlucky third uncle of hers!

“The study of enchantment is not as complicated as other professions.

You have to rely more on yourself.

You only need to get that elf to give you some pointers.

Even if you enter Moonshine City, you can still train.” Xius voice carried a trace of laziness.


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