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Chapter 1305: Enchanter (1)

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In addition to herbalism, there were also a few bows and dozens of quivers of arrows.

There were a total of three bows and other than the one Cang Yan gave her, Shen Yanxiao also discovered a golden bow made by Lan Si.

Every blacksmith would leave an inconspicuous mark on the weapon they forged.

The mark on this golden bow looked exactly the same as her Clemance.

Shen Yanxiao immediately knew that this was a gift Lan Si added in.

No matter which one of the three bows, all of them could be said to be a peak grade divine weapon.

These bows could be compared to the craftsmanship of the Azure Dragon Familys Hundred Year Spirit Weapon.

Shen Yanxiao now had three!

How extravagant!

Shen Yanxiao looked at the three bows, with plans brewing in her mind.

Before she completed Clemance, she would use one of the bows.

As for the other two bows, their craftsmanship was so outstanding that it would be a pity if she did not use them.

She intended to present Buddha with flowers and give one of them to An Ran while keeping the other one for Li Xiaowei when she returned to the Brilliance Continent.

Of course, Shen Yanxiao would ask Cang Yan and Lan Si first.

After all, it was a gift from them.

Every single arrow had been enchanted.

In the world of elves, there existed a strange profession—Enchanter.

A curse could be attached to any item, providing a defensive barrier to the building and a powerful destructive power to weapons.

Liang Qiu was an enchanter.

It was said that the barrier around Wind City was created by him.

Liang Qiu had also prepared many books on enchantment for Shen Yanxiao.

Herbalism was an innate skill for elves.

The status of an enchanter in the Moon God Continent was very similar to herbalists in the Brilliance Continent.

Shen Yanxiao sat on the chair and picked up an introductory enchantment book to flip through.

Liang Qiu was very attentive.

He had prepared a set of books for Shen Yanxiao from beginner to advanced enchanter so she could learn by herself.

Many of the enchantments in the Brilliance Continent were formed by magic arrays.

Compared to enchantment arrays, magic arrays had a huge flaw.

Magic arrays had to be continuously supplied with magic.

Unless a magus poured their magic into a magic ball that would support the magic arrays, the magus could only squat near the magic arrays and continuously transmit their magic power.

Furthermore, even if it was a magic ball, it would require a magus to replenish its energy regularly.

However, an enchantment barrier was completely different.

Enchantments required an enchantment scroll written by an Enchanter.

Inscription was a unique skill of an Enchanter.

It could directly attach magic power to weapons and other items.

It could also be written into an enchantment scroll.

The enchantment scrolls were similar to potions.

In a sense, they both had a certain degree of beneficial and detrimental effect.

The reason why elves bows did not require magical cores to provide power was because they had been infused with enough magic power by the enchanter.

Liang Qiu prepared an enchantment scroll for Shen Yanxiao.

It had the effect of accelerating, eliminating aura, removing detrimental effects, and even increasing ones fighting strength for a short period of time.

Enchantment scrolls were more convenient to use than potions, and the effects were obvious.

It was effective immediately, but the effect of enchantment scrolls on the body was very short and would not last more than an hour.

It was a temporary explosive item.

The disadvantage was that it would consume the magic power of an enchanter.

It was possible for a herbalist to produce potions infinitely as long as they had the strength and mental energy.


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