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Chapter 1302: Moonlight Tribe (9)

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Just as Wu En and the others were extending their legs to follow them, they immediately retracted their legs when they heard the warning.

They looked at Elder Yue and Shen Yanxiaos departing backs in grief.

Knowing that the two silhouettes had disappeared from their sights, the five of them rushed to Lan Sis side and surrounded him.

“Lan Si, youre too much.

Youve already met Xiaoer before this, and why didnt you tell us” Liang Qiu complained about Lan Sieating alone.

How could he meet Shen Yanxiao privately This was too unfair!

Lan Si looked at his companion, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

“At that time, I did not know that she was the little elf Wu Yue had brought back.

She did not show her Moonlight Tribes badge and neither did I.

Both parties are not at fault here.”

“What Why didnt she bring it I think our tribes badge is pretty good…” Cang Yan felt a little sad.

Could it be that Shen Yanxiao did not approve of them

“Erm…” Lan Si felt somewhat embarrassed.

He had roughly guessed the reason.

According to what Wu Yue said, Shen Yanxiao should have been training in the advanced training camp.

However, the time when Lan Si saw her, it was during her training camp… In other words, the little kid had snuck out by herself.

She probably did not bring her Moonlight Tribes badge to avoid unnecessary trouble.

However, this was Shen Yanxiaos private matter so Lan Si did not say much.

However, which one of them here was easy to deal with They could easily understand the mystery after some thought.

“Speaking of which, what kind of bow did Xiaoer want you to modify Take it here when youre free and we can discuss it together.” Cang Yan smiled and looked at Lan Si.

He could not let Lan Si do this alone!

Lan Si smiled and said, “I have no objections, but the bow Yan Xiao asked me to modify was forged together with a friend of mine dozens of years ago.

I dont know how it ended up in Yan Xiaos hands, but it seems like fate has brought us together.”

“You mean him” Cang Yan was surprised.

Even though Lan Si did not say it explicitly, he already knew who the friend Lan Si mentioned was.

“The bow Xiaoer gave you, could it be… Clemance” The smile on Wu Ens face slightly froze.

Lan Si nodded.

The expressions of the elves slightly changed.

They knew about Clemance and had seen it before.

They even had a good time meeting Lan Sis friend, but…

Wu En and the rest could not help but look at Lan Sis blanket-covered legs.

They could not bear to look at him.

“I think we should make another bow for Xiaoer.

Clemance… lets not continue,” Cang Yan said with hesitation.

If not for this Clemance, Lan Si would not have become like this.

Lan Si shook his head.

“I originally did not want it anymore, but I did not expect it to return to my hands after so many years.

Since we are fated, why should I avoid it Moreover, even if I wanted to complete the Clemance, I would need the branch of the Tree of Life.

Without it, the Clemance would not be completed.” Lan Si knew what Cang Yan and the rest were worried about.

However, they did not complete the Clemance back then and now…

Their hopes were still slim.

The Tree of Life was an invaluable treasure in the elves hearts.

How difficult it was to obtain its branches

“Forget it.

Just be careful.

If you need anything, I will accompany you.” Cang Yan patted Lan Sis shoulders and gave him support.


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