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Chapter 1300: Moonlight Tribe (7)

A few seniors surrounded Shen Yanxiao and tried their best to promote themselves.

Their enthusiasm made Shen Yanxiaos lips twitch.

How could Shen Yanxiao understand the mentality of these elves who had been longing for a younger generation of their own for hundreds of years

Shen Yanxiao spent the entire day in a strange atmosphere.

One moment, she was dragged by Wu En to tour around his room full of potions and formulas, and the next moment, she was dragged by Cang Yan to select various exquisite bows.

From time to time, she would be dragged to one side by Jing You to discuss archery.

Even Qing Xuan and Liang Qiu were not idle.

One of their specialties was potions, and the other was enchantment.

Qing Xuan and Wu Ens specialization were the same.

In order to show that they were the most powerful herbalists, the two of them nearly fought!

Shen Yanxiao did not know whether to laugh or cry as she looked at these old urchins.

Her tensed heart was instantly relieved.

Wu En and the rest did not put on any airs.

When they spoke to Shen Yanxiao, they did not have the posture of an elder.

Instead, they used all their skills to trick Shen Yanxiao into calling them Great Master.

Only then did Shen Yanxiao understand that the elves of the Moonlight Tribe were all skilled.

No matter who it was, they were all at the level of a grandmaster in their respective fields!

When night fell, Lan Si and Elder Yue returned together.

They saw Shen Yanxiao sitting among a pile of treasures, weeping without tears.

“What… are you doing” Elder Yue looked at Shen Yanxiao who was almost buried in shock.

Wu En was still holding seven to eight bottles of grandmaster potions.

When he saw Elder Yue walking over, he piled the potions in front of Shen Yanxiao and said, “You two are finally back.”

“Elder Yue, Great Master Lan Si.” Shen Yanxiao looked at the two horrified elves with a long face.

As a thief, it was Shen Yanxiaos pleasure to steal countless treasures.

However, when a group of enthusiastic seniors piled up their treasures in front of her, she felt that it was a disaster.

What was more terrifying was that the five of them were still piling things around her.

What grandmaster potions Rows of them were thrown around like bottles of mineral water.

What priceless bows They were thrown on the ground like a bunch of matchsticks.

There were also those thick enchantment books that were similar to a stack of bricks.

She was just short of being drowned in treasure.

“Little Xiaoer is calling Lan SiGreat Master again…” The five elves who had been busy for the entire afternoon were filled with envy and jealousy when they heard Shen Yanxiao addressing Lan Si as Great Master so openly.

“She even called Elder Wu Yue…”

Shen Yanxiao looked up at the sky speechlessly.

Did they really have to worry about these problems

Please let me go!

When Lan Si saw Shen Yanxiao, a trace of surprise appeared in his eyes.

Soon after, he seemed to have understood something as a smile curled on his lips.

“I didnt expect the little girl Wu Yue mentioned to be you.

It seems like fate has brought us together.” Lan Sis handsome face revealed a joyous smile.

He had a good impression of Shen Yanxiao.

Shen Yanxiao smiled.

Speaking of which, it was strange.

Lan Si was about the same age as Elder Yue, but his appearance looked extremely young.

If Wu En had not revealed Lan Sis age during their afternoon gossip, Shen Yanxiao would not have believed it.

“You guys are really… Alas, hurry and get Yan Xiao out.

Are you going to scare her like this” Elder Yue was speechless at his companions actions.

He already knew how much they liked young elves.


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