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Shen Yanxiao could have completed the test in a breeze, even without those four professional liabilities.

What could those scattered do to her

All they had were only shiny badges.

She thought that those cautious and nervous students were like fleeting clouds, and it was merely a simple task if she were to steal away their badges.

Her problem was whether she should rescue her four pig-like teammates of hers.

When she recalled how that profiteer sold her out, Shen Yanxiao immediately decided to postpone her rescue plans.

She would let those four pigs wander for a while.

After she made her decision, Shen Yanxiao began to focus her evil gaze on the other students who were left out.

It was apparent that the test had brought about students who were unfamiliar with the word collaboration, as it forced them to act in groups of five.

It was still something that most would be able to tolerate.

However, if the group consisted of four young and vigorous youths and a single gorgeous young lady…

It was a completely different situation!

That was just the case for a particular team.

The gorgeous belle of the Priest Division, Qian Shanni, was wet with sweat.

The sweat was even apparent on her fair face as she sat on a rock by the stream in an awkward manner.

The respective top students of the Swordsman and the Archer Division looked worn out, but they forced themselves to look energetic as they did not want to lose face in front of a beautiful lady.

Shangguan Xiao, who had severe mysophobia, started to wipe his dirty hands with a handkerchief.

His frantic appearance looked as if he had wanted to cut off his dirty hands.

“This time, it is all thanks to brother Shangguan.” Cao Xu wiped his sweat and looked at Shangguan Xiao, who was still fighting with the dust around him.

“No need for that.

Since I have accepted your invitation, I do not wish to see our team defeated by those trash.” Shangguan Xiao wiped his hand again, and after he ensured that there was not a single speck of dust left, he threw the handkerchief into the stream.

“Brother Shangguan is right! Those stinky bastards had wanted to attack us at the start of the test, but unfortunately, they are not aware that brother Shangguan is already an intermediate level herbalist.

Any random potion would suffice to stop them in their step.” Meng Yiheng did not forget to parrot him.

“It was only a peak junior level potion.” Shangguan Xiao pretended to be low-key, but the smugness that flickered in his eyes had revealed his arrogance.

It was rare to find an herbalist who could advance to become a junior peak herbalist at the age of eighteen, even within the talent pool at the Saint Laurent Academy.

“It has been hard on brother Shangguan.” Qian Shanni said delicately.

Her fresh and pure appearance became much more tender, though it was marred with traces of fatigue.

Shangguan Xiao was smug with Qian Shiannis expression of thanks, but he smiled gently toward her without any of his previous arrogance as he had with Cao Xu and Meng Yiheng.

“Do not worry.

As long as I am here, I will help you to recover your strength as soon as possible..” As the top scholar in the Herbalist Division, Shangguan Xiao was confident that he would be the first one to produce the antidote with the formula.

Qian Shanni smiled gently.

Cao Xu and Meng Yiheng clenched their teeth as they stood at the side and watched her interaction with Shangguan Xiao.

If they did not have to rely on his abilities in herbalism, did he think that a herbalist would be able to flaunt in front of them

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