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Chapter 1288: Silvermoon Guards Selection Exam (5)

After the second test, the seven elves who passed had ugly expressions.

The elves responsible for the selection had no choice but to give them some time to rest.

However, there was a trace of loneliness in his eyes.

Even though these seven elves had passed the test, with the exception of one elf, the other six elves were not outstanding when they passed the second test of willpower as they had just barely passed.

This was not the best.

The leader of the Silvermoon Guards shifted his gaze to the elf with slightly better results.

Only this guy could be considered to have passed.

An Ran slowed down his breathing and adjusted his state of mind.

The second test just now was really unexpected.

An Ran did not notice that the elves of the Silvermoon Guards were looking at him.

Just as the third test was about to begin, a small group of figures dashed towards the test venue.

“Wait!!” Mo Yu dashed to the test venue and pressed his slender hand on the leaders wrist.

“Young Master Yu” When that elf saw Mo Yu, he was obviously stunned.

“Young Master Yu” When the elves at the side heard those three words, they gasped!

Mo Yu, one of the five most outstanding leaders of the Silvermoon Guards in recent years! He was addressed as Young Master Yu by the elves!

They were responsible for the road to the black-level city!

It could be said that among the Silvermoon Guards, Mo Yu, Mo Feng and the rest had the highest status other than the leader.

The five of them were young, but they were exceptionally powerful.

For a time, they had become the idols of many elves.

Mo Yu and the rest had always been in Moonshine City and rarely left.

However, they did not expect to see him here today!

However, before the elves could recover from Mo Yus shock, Mo Feng and the rest walked over.

Five handsome and elegant young elves appeared at the test venue in such a pompous manner.

All the elves eyes nearly popped out!

“Thats Mo Feng!”

“Mo Yan! Its Mo Yan! I admire him so much!”

“Wow! Young Master Lei is here too!”

“Young Master Mu, oh my… Im going to faint…”

The five leaders of the Silvermoon Guards were also known as the five young masters of the Silvermoon Guards.

They could be said to be super idols in the hearts of the elves.

The appearance of the five elves immediately caused a commotion.

When the leader of the Silvermoon Guards saw the five young masters, he immediately straightened his posture and respectfully greeted them one by one.

“Young Master Yu, why are you here” The leader of the Silvermoon Guards looked at Mo Yu and the others in surprise.

During this period of time, Mo Yu and the others had been stationed in Moonshine City.

Even the matter of guarding the passage had been handed over to the other members of the Silvermoon Guards for the time being.

Why would they suddenly come to the advanced training camp

That elf was filled with doubts, but then he saw a strange bruise on Mo Yus left cheek.

On his fair and handsome face, that bruise seemed very… ostentatious!

“Well, we just came here to take a look and coincidentally bumped into this little elf along the way.

Seeing that she was also coming for the test, we decided to bring her along.” When Mo Yu noticed the other partys line of sight, he turned his face away in embarrassment.

He then reached out and pulled Shen Yanxiao who was drowned in their radiance to the other party.

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