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Chapter 1272: Double Cultivation Is The Kingly Way (4)

The security of the advanced training camp was very tight.

Mo Yu had once trained there for half a year, so he naturally knew that it was absolutely impossible for elves to leave without permission.

Even if some elves wanted to sneak out, they could not escape the eyes of the guards.


Shen Yanxiao came out!

Mo Yu was speechless.

Not to mention how serious it was to sneak out of the advanced training camp without permission, Mo Yu could not even imagine how she had sneaked out.

Unfortunately, Vermillion Bird did not give Mo Yu a chance to ask any questions before pulling Shen Yanxiao away.

Mo Yu wanted to catch up, but Vermillion Bird waved the flame in his hand with his back facing him, and Mo Yu instantly withdrew his outstretched foot.

He could not defeat a mythical beast ah ah ah ah ah!

“Why are you standing there” Mo Feng walked to Mo Yus side and found Mo Yus tangled expression very interesting.

Mo Yu turned to look at Mo Feng and said with a bitter face, “Mo Feng, do you think an elf can sneak out of the advanced training camp”

Mo Feng was stunned for a moment before he patted the back of Mo Yus head and said, “What are you thinking about How can there be an elf who can slip out Its not like we didnt try it back then.

Was there we werent carried back by the guards”

Mo Feng, Mo Yu, Mo Lei, Mo Yan, and Mo Mu had all entered the advanced training camp at the same time.

At that time, they had just reached adulthood and were still young and full of vigor.

The five young elves were not calm, and they often got into a lot of trouble in the advanced training camp.

They had once tried to sneak out of the advanced training camp, but they had always failed.

There were several times when they were sent back to the dormitory by the guards with bows and arrows.

General He Xu, who was in charge of the advanced training camp, had once called the five of them before him and reprimanded them.

It could be said that back then, the five of them had spent a lot of time and effort to sneak out.

They were just short of digging a tunnel.

But in the end, they had all failed.

The reason why Mo Yu was so confident in the guards of the advanced training camp was because he had personally experienced them before.

“Then, if I say that I saw the elves in the advanced training camp appearing on the street, will you believe me” Mo Yu asked.

Mo Feng raised his eyebrows.

“Did you drink too much last night Are you still drunk Go back and rest early.

We are going back to Moonshine City tomorrow.

If you go to the Elf King like this, what will happen” Obviously, Mo Feng thought that Mo Yu was drunk.

Back then, the five of them had tried their best but failed to slip out.

Now, which elf had such extraordinary abilities

Mo Yu blinked his eyes and put on a long face.

“Alright, I drank too much.

I didnt see anything.” He knew that no one would believe him!

That improbable encounter happened just like that, and Shen Yanxiao was not worried that Mo Yu would report it.

Firstly, Mo Yu was not that kind of person.


The person who sent her to the advanced training camp was Mo Yu, so there was no need for him to drag her down.

With a shameless thought, Shen Yanxiao continued to take Vermillion Bird around.

When night fell and Shen Yanxiao finally returned to the advanced training camp, Vermillion Bird reluctantly looked at Shen Yanxiao with an unhappy face.

Shen Yanxiao rubbed Vermillion Birds head before touching Little Phoenix and Mini Dragon respectively.

She quietly left in the night and returned to the advanced training camp.

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