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Chapter 1257: The Hidden Danger of the Elves (3)

“You saw it.” Elder Yue stood beside Shen Yanxiao and noticed Shen Yanxiaos focused yet doubtful gaze.

His eyes had a trace of approval.

“What is that” Shen Yanxiao looked at Elder Yue doubtfully.

Such a situation should not happen once elves die.



Elder Yue nodded.

He looked up at all the crystal coffins in the basement with a hint of sadness in his eyes.

“I dont know when it started, but the sources of life of many elves were contaminated.

This pollution changed the nature of the elves.

Just like you said, the former elves were inherently kind and innocent, but ever since the pollution started to spread, more and more elves were influenced by the negative emotions born in their hearts.

Once the negative emotions reached a certain limit, the source of life would not be able to withstand the power of pollution, and the elves would die.

Shui Ling was a polluted elf.

The reason why he died was probably because after he lost to you, the hatred in his heart caused the pollution to spread…”

“What exactly is the pollution Why does it have such a big effect on the elves” Shen Yanxiao was completely shocked.

No wonder she felt that the elves of the Moon God Continent were completely different from the elves in the rumors.

It turned out that these elves were no longer the original them.

Elder Yue explained everything in a low voice.

No elf knew where the pollution came from, and no one knew how it could enter the body of an elf.

But it appeared silently like this.

At first, the elves of the Moon God Continent had not discovered the existence of the pollution, but more and more elves started to show negative emotions such as vanity, competitiveness, jealousy, self-righteousness…

These emotions that should not have existed in the elves gradually emerged in some elves.

At first, only a very small number of elves were infected with these emotions, but later, more and more elves were affected by them.

The elves did not know that all of this was due to pollution.

They walked towards the unknown future in doubt.

It was not until a polluted elf died because he could not bear the ugliness in his heart that he attracted the attention of Moonshine City.

Soon after, several more elves died inexplicably.

On their bodies, one could find the black blood lines like on Shui Lings body.

These black blood veins were the symbol of corruption.

The elves of Moonshine City finally knew that there was a terrible thing corroding their source of life.

“Why are you hiding their bodies here” Shen Yanxiao was extremely surprised.

Elder Yues words finally made her understand why the current elves were different from the rumors.

Elder Yue smiled bitterly and said, “We cant tell all the elves about the pollution.

This will just cause them to panic, and it will also cause them to suspect each other.

These negative emotions will probably accelerate the spread of the pollution, so we hid the remains of these dead elves.”

“At present, we cant determine which elves have been contaminated, and we dont know if this pollution is contagious, so we can only hide it.” Shui Ling was not the first elf to die in the advanced training camp.

In every crystal coffin here, there was an elf who had died in the advanced training camp because of pollution.

He Xu and the others did not know about this matter, as all this was done secretly by a team of elven guards under Elder Yue.

In order to prevent the elves from panicking, Elder Yue could only resort to this method.

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