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“Are you sure can we do this” The few youths that followed behind Shen Yanxiao and her team were on tenterhooks as they questioned their companions.

Four out of five students who walked in front of them were part of Longxuan Empires five great aristocratic families.

Three of them were even top students in their division in the Saint Laurent Academy.

Although the three top students could not display their full strength due to the effect of the potion, the other students were still too frightened and anxious with any thoughts to attack those super scholars as they were already quite violent on ordinary days.

“There shouldnt be any problems… this is a test that the dean had arranged.

Even if… something were to happen, it would not have been our fault!” The other youth gulped.

Qi Xia, Yan Yu, and Yang Xi had powerful reputations in the academy.

Even though the students who schemed against them knew that Qi Xias team would not be able to retaliate, they still felt nervous as they stared at their backs.

“What the heck are you afraid of! This is a test, so obviously, we have to be prepared.

Those who are scared had better get lost as soon as possible.

Lets see if you can still laugh if their groups herbalist manages to produce the antidote.

When that happens, even if we were to join forces with the other teams, we still wont be able to defeat Qi Xia!” Some of the smarter students who still had a clear head knew that it was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Once missed, their situations could very well get reversed.

“I highly doubt it The two herbalists in their group are first-year students.

Even though one of them is the young master of the Black Tortoise family, he had only managed to enroll after two years and I doubt he has any skills.

As for the other kid, I have seen him before.

He is quite ordinary, with no special skills.

I have also asked the herbalist in our group earlier, and he said that the antidote is quite tricky to produce.

Not many of the second and third year students would be able to do it, let alone two first-year students who had yet start their lessons.”



As the group of students whispered behind their backs, Shen Yanxiao eavesdropped on their conversations, and she did not miss a single word.

It was evident that some of the students were still afraid of her team members usual reputation and so, did not dare to act blindly without any thought.

Whereas some realized that it was an excellent opportunity for them.

If they decided to attack her group, then their current strength would be exposed.

After which, the other students would most probably join in to eliminate their team.

The rules dictated that once all five of their badges were snatched, they would then be immediately brought out of the forest and that would mark the end of their test.

Her team gradually walked into the depths of the Obscure Forest as the other students followed closely behind them.

Qi Xia, Yan Yu, and Yang Xis complexion looked somewhat unnatural.

It was apparent that the potion did not only affect the students magic and battle aura; it also changed their physical condition.

The powerless three sweated profusely.

The students who only lightly perspired had confirmed the situation and that alleviated their worries.

As minute and seconds passed, the hour of the protection period was about to end.

Shen Yanxiao could feel the excitement of those who followed behind them as they began to stir.

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