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Chapter 1249: Brutal Name (1)

Lan Si looked at Shen Yanxiao kindly.

“Then Ill have to trouble Grandmaster Lan Si.” Shen Yanxiao did not refuse.

She had already expected that she could not use the Purple Baron in her elf form, but she did not expect that Lan Si could still modify it a little.

As long as she could use the Purple Baron, Shen Yanxiao felt very satisfied.

As for perfecting it…

She did not dare to have such extravagant hopes for now.

“This is part of the deposit.

Since Master Lan Si is willing to help, I have nothing to thank you for.

As for the commission, please dont reject it.” Shen Yanxiao was not a stingy person.

She was never stingy with people who were good to her.

Shen Yanxiao decisively put the crystal coins on the table on the side.

Lan Si chuckled and felt that the little elf in front of him was very cute.

She was obviously young, but she knew her limits when speaking and doing things.

Even many adult elves were not as mature as her.

Shen Yanxiao temporarily placed the Purple Baron at Lan Sis place and let him modify it while she rushed back to the advanced training camp in the night.

Silently touching the bed, Shen Yanxiao immediately took out the dark crystal and held it in her arms.

The next morning, the elves went to the training ground for archery training.

An Ran was injured, so he did not participate.

Thus, Shen Yanxiao went alone to the training ground.

The elves who had gathered together immediately shut their mouths like frightened quails when they saw her.

They had not forgotten how Shen Yanxiao ravaged Shui Ling yesterday.

It was said that Shui Ling was still lying on the bed.

An Rans injuries were healed with several bottles of grandmaster-level healing potions that were applied by Shen Yanxiao, but Shui Ling did not have such good luck.

In addition, the power of Shen Yanxiaos arrow was far more ferocious than Shui Lings.

Even now, Shui Ling was still groaning and hissing on his bed, and it was estimated that he would not be able to leave the bed for several days.

With Shui Ling as an example, no elf dared to find trouble with Shen Yanxiao.

All of them were avoiding Shen Yanxiao like they were avoiding the plague.

Shen Yanxiao did not care.

She just trained herself silently.

With An Rans bow and arrow, she could familiarize herself with the technique of using her source of life to attack.

Shen Yanxiaos improvement in archery was amazing.

She already had the foundation of a Magic Archer, and now that she also had the talent of an elf, bow and arrows were simply toys she could play with.

Even the seniors in the training ground next door had to prostrate themselves in worship when they saw Shen Yanxiaos skills in archery.

There were also many elves from other training classes who came over to watch this elf with excellent archery skills.

For a time, Shen Yanxiaos archery skills spread throughout the entire advanced training camp, along with her brutal deeds of abusing Shui Ling.

Almost every elf in the advanced training camp knew that there was an incomparably fierce little fellow in the latest batch of recruits.

Not only did she directly rush to the second floor of the Pure Spirit Tower when she first entered the training camp, but her archery skills were also exquisite.

Coupled with the temporary badge on Shen Yanxiaos chest and the Moonlight badge that symbolized glory, Shen Yanxiaos reputation instantly flourished.

Everyone knew her.

And now, no idiot dared to provoke her.

However, on the second day of Shen Yanxiaos daily training, which was also the day that An Ran could resume his training, something terrible happened in the advanced training camp.

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