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Chapter 1248: Grandmaster Lan Si (4)

Shen Yanxiao wanted to cry.

She might have a way to get other materials, but this branch of the Tree of Life…

Even if she was a Godly Thief, she did not have the ability to pass through the barrier of Moonshine City and steal the Tree of Life without anyone noticing.

It was obvious that the security around the Tree of Life was tighter than the imperial palace of the Longxuan Empire.

Moreover, the elves were very good at making barriers.

Even if Shen Yanxiaos stealing skills were very formidable, she could not cross the barrier.

Shen Yanxiao really admired the courage of Lan Si and Master Duan.

They actually dared to have ideas about the Tree of Life.

No wonder they could not complete the Purple Baron back then.

Thinking about it, in the entire Moon God Continent, besides the Elf King, there shouldnt be any elves or humans who could obtain the branch of the Tree of Life.


Lan Si just said that Master Duan left the Moon God Continent for the Brilliance Continent to find the materials to complete the Purple Baron.

Could it be…

There were branches of the Tree of Life in the Brilliance Continent

“Well, I dont think I can get it.

The Tree of Life is in Moonshine City.

I dont think the Elf King is generous enough to let me cut off a branch.” Shen Yanxiao spread out her hands, helpless.

On the surface, she looked extremely regretful, but her heart had already been moved.

She now had two methods.

One was to find out from Lan Si whether there was a branch of the Tree of Life in the Brilliance Continent, and then let Vermillion Bird notify the people of the Qilin Family and let them pass it to her friends in Sun Never Sets to get it for her.

However, although this method was very safe, it was very difficult.

Not to mention whether there was a branch of the Tree of Life in the Brilliance Continent, who knew who was currently keeping the branch

She was not in the Brilliance Continent, so it was almost impossible for Qi Xia and the others to steal it.

The other method was to wait until she was selected to enter the Silvermoon Guards, find an opportunity to figure out the enchantment around the Tree of Life, and see if there was a chance to make a move.

This was the biggest challenge Shen Yanxiao had ever faced!

Once she was discovered, she would definitely be shot by the elves like a porcupine.

Lan Si sighed and said, “I also know that this matter is very difficult to take in, but if you have a way, you may be able to find it in the Brilliance Continent where humans live.

After the end of the war between gods and devils, there was once a human who sneaked into Moonshine City and stole a branch of the Tree of Life.

If he can find it, you can do it too.”

The Brilliance Continent actually had a branch of the Tree of Life Shen Yanxiao praised her own intelligence.

However, that human was really valiant.

He actually dared to steal the branch of the Tree of Life.

“Brilliance Continent Grandmaster Lan Si, do you know who that person is” Shen Yanxiao had begun to think about implementing her first plan.

After all, it was the safest plan she had.

Of course, she did not intend to give up the second method as well.

Lan Si frowned and thought for a moment before saying, “That was a long time ago.

I only heard from my elders that it was an old human man and that he seems to be a Mage.”

The clues given by Lan Si were too few.

It was difficult for Shen Yanxiao to find any clues about such a person.

Moreover, this had happened thousands of years ago.

Who knew if that old man was still alive.

“Sigh, I know that completing the Purple Baron is very difficult.

Lets leave everything to fate.

If you dont mind, you can leave the Purple Baron with me temporarily.

Although I cant complete it completely, I can modify it slightly.

It wont be able to perform to its fullest potential, but at least I can let you use it.”

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