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Chapter 1231: Deliberately Making Things Difficult (4)

Shen Yanxiao came to the doors of the Pure Spirit Tower and looked at the two Flaming Giant Apes guarding the door.

She stretched out her hand and pointed at the door of the Pure Spirit Tower, but the two Flaming Giant Apes did not seem to see her and had no intention of opening the door.

If the Flaming Giant Apes did not take action, with Shen Yanxiaos strength, she could not open the door alone.

She could only stand at the door and wait for other elves to come out before she could enter.

Shen Yanxiao felt that it was strange.

It was reasonable to say that it was now the period for cultivation, and it was normal for the elves to come and go in the Pure Spirit Tower.

During this period of time, the Flaming Giant Apes would open the door according to the needs of the elves, but why when she was standing here, these two furry giant beasts were completely ignoring her

Shen Yanxiao frowned slightly.

Could it be that Qie Er told these two big idiots that she would not come to the Pure Spirit Tower today, so these two idiots deliberately ignored her

This brain of his was too much.

Shen Yanxiao was speechless and could only wait by the door.

As time passed, Shen Yanxiao waited for a long time in boredom.

Finally, she saw the door slowly open.

Two elves walked out of the Pure Spirit Tower.

When they saw Shen Yanxiao standing at the door, they were stunned for a moment, and their eyes looked a little strange.

“Yan Xiao, why are you… here” The two elves saw Shen Yanxiao and asked.

Their tone was neither cold nor hot, but there was not much hostility.

Shen Yanxiao still had some impression of these two elves.

In this batch of elves, these two guys did not have much presence.

They were usually very low-key.

Although they did not like her and An Ran, they did not mock them like other elves.

“Dont close the door first! I want to go in and find An Ran.” They didnt have a hostile relationship, so Shen Yanxiao was not so against them.

However, when the two elves heard An Rans name, their expressions changed.

“An Ran… is not in the Pure Spirit Tower.” An elf opened his mouth with an unusual expression, his eyes drifting.

“Hes not here Where did he go” Shen Yanxiao was slightly stunned.

An Ran could be said to be the most well-behaved one.

Normally, he would never leave the Pure Spirit Tower unless it was time for him to leave.

Moreover, Shen Yanxiao knew that An Ran could continue to cultivate in the Pure Spirit Tower for a day now.

There was no reason for him to leave halfway.

“This…” The two elves did not dare to look at Shen Yanxiaos eyes, their mouths stuttering.

Shen Yanxiao sharply noticed that something was wrong.

She immediately stepped forward and stared at the two elves, asking, “Where did An Ran go”

Shen Yanxiaos eyes did not have a trace of emotion; they were as cold as snow.

It was the first time that the two elves had seen Shen Yanxiaos eyes like this.

Usually, Shen Yanxiao rarely came into contact with them.

Even if it was just a short contact, she was lazy like a little rascal.

But now, te little rascal was actually looking at them with such a cold gaze that could freeze people to death.

It really shocked them.

“I… I dont know.

I only know that Shui Ling and a few elves took An Ran out not long ago.

I dont know where they went.” Under Shen Yanxiaos gaze, the two elves immediately confessed.

“Shui Ling” Shen Yanxiao slightly narrowed her eyes.

If there was anyone among this group of elves who held the greatest hostility towards An Ran, it would definitely be Shui Ling.

Shui Ling dragged An Ran out with a few other elves…

This was definitely not a good thing!

Shen Yanxiao immediately turned her head and walked away.

At the same time, she said to Xiu, “Xiu, help me sense where An Ran is.”

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