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Chapter 1227: Archery (2)

In fact, Shen Yanxiao had not used the power of her source of life since the awakening of her elf blood.

Before, she had forced herself to use battle aura and magic in her attacks, but now she had to try using her source of life.

In this regard, Shen Yanxiao was a complete rookie.

She looked at the elves display of skill for a long time before she slowly raised the Purple Baron and tried to shoot at the flying target.

Shen Yanxiaos action immediately attracted the attention of the elves on the side.

They all put down their bows and stared at Shen Yanxiao.

They really wanted to know how good this elf, who was the first to rush into the second floor of the Pure Spirit Tower, was in archery.

Would she still amaze them

Shen Yanxiao let out a breath.

The two fingers on the bowstring loosened, and the thin arrow immediately flew out like lightning.

However, when her arrow hit the flying target, it made a crisp sound before it was ejected from the protective layer outside the target.

Shen Yanxiaos heart thumped.

These moving flying targets were unique to elves.

Each of them was only the size of a quail egg, and they were constantly moving.

There was also a protective layer on the outermost layer.

Shen Yanxiao did not expect that she could not even penetrate the protective layer of the target!

Without using battle aura, the power of Shen Yanxiaos arrow was really pitiful.

The thin arrow fell to the ground.

All the elves stared at the arrow.

“Pfft…” Someone burst out laughing, and the entire training ground was filled with mockery.

“Haha, I thought she was powerful, but it turns out shes just so-so.

She cant even break through the protective layer.”

“So what if she can enter the second floor of the Pure Spirit Tower She cant use her strength in battle at all.

Its completely useless.”

The shock that Shen Yanxiao had given them in the Pure Spirit Tower was in stark contrast to her current situation.

All the elves who were shocked by Shen Yanxiaos strength because of her quick advancement in the Pure Spirit Tower laughed unkindly after seeing this scene.

An elfs martial skill was the bow and arrow.

Cultivating the source of life was to make the killing power of the bow and arrow stronger, but Shen Yanxiao could not use the source of life in her body at all.

This was simply a joke in the eyes of other elves.

After Qie Er, who was standing not far away, saw this scene, the corner of his mouth curled into a malicious smile.

He immediately took out the sheepskin book and quickly wrote something.

The mocking laughter around her continued, but Shen Yanxiao did not care about their words at all.

She just frowned and looked at the Purple Baron in her hand.

“How could this be” She had already tried to use the power of her source of life, but when she was shooting the arrow, she did not feel the power of her source of life being transmitted to the arrow at all.

‘The source of life is not battle aura, nor is it magic.

It is one with you.

You must treat it as another you and exert your strength when attacking. Xius voice sounded at the right time.

He noticed that although Shen Yanxiao had tried hard to stimulate the source of life in her body, the method was wrong.

The source of life belonged to Shen Yanxiao herself.

This was different from the magic battle aura that she cultivated in the beginning.

If she wanted to use the power of the source of life, she had to integrate the power of the source of life into her whole body.

However, Shen Yanxiao continued to use her battle aura like it was gas, and thus she could not achieve a perfect effect.

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