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Chapter 1222: Betrayal of the Past (2)

When Shui Ling spoke, his eyes were fixed on An Ran, as if he wanted to immediately tear this elf in front of him into pieces.

Shen Yanxiao was shocked by Shui Lings words.

All of this was just a thing of the past in the ears of others, but for her, it was completely different.

That hybrid saintess…

If it was not an accident, it should be her mother, Wen Ya!

She had always thought that her mother was just an ordinary elf when she was in the Moon God Continent, but she never thought that Wen Ya actually had the identity of a saintness.

And she almost married the Elf King…

However, what Shui Ling said after that made Shen Yanxiao secretly shocked.

Wen Ya returned to the Moon God Continent a few years ago with a human

Then, could that human be her father—Shen Yu

“That… hybrid and human, what happened after that” Shen Yanxiao suppressed the excitement in her heart and pretended to be calm as she asked.

Shui Ling looked at Shen Yanxiaos fleeting shock with satisfaction.

Knowing that his words were effective, he did not believe that after knowing the scandal of the Moonshine Tribe, Shen Yanxiao, as a Moonlight Tribe member, would still get along with An Ran.

“The Elf King was merciful.

He did not kill them, but imprisoned them in Moonshine City forever.

At the same time, he expelled the Moonshine Tribe from their city.” Shui Lings tone was full of regret, as if the punishment of the Elf King was too light.

If he had eradicated the mixed-blood, human, and the entire Moonshine Tribe, then that would be great.

Shen Yanxiao narrowed her eyes.

It seemed that her parents were really not dead.

They should be imprisoned in Moonshine City now.

However, she did not understand how Wen Ya and Shen Yu escaped Shen Duans persecution in the past.

Before Shen Duan died, he clearly said that he had killed Wen Ya and Shen Yu, but all the information Shen Yanxiao received now pointed to the possibility that they were still alive.

Moreover, why didnt Wen Ya and Shen Yu directly return to the Vermillion Bird Family to expose Shen Duans conspiracy Why did they return to the Moon God Continent a few years later and take the risk to enter the Moonshine City

A series of questions piled up in Shen Yanxiaos mind.

Her desire to see her parents and figure out the truth of that year was growing even larger!

Shen Yanxiaos silence made Shui Ling and the other elves laugh.

Indeed, how could an elf of the hero tribe be friendly with a traitorous tribe

They viciously looked at the pale-faced An Ran, waiting to admire the scene of this traitor being ostracized by all the elves.

At that moment, they all looked cruel and merciless.

An Rans heart sank to the bottom of the pits.

He did not dare to look up at Shen Yanxiao.

He was afraid that if he looked up, he would see the familiar disgust and hatred.

Shen Yanxiao was the only elf he had come into contact with in such a long time, the only one who did not discriminate against him.

She even taught him how to cultivate in the Pure Spirit Tower.

The long-awaited friendliness made An Ran feel a little warm in his heart.

He was very afraid, very afraid that in front of these embarrassing truths, Shen Yanxiao would despise him and hate him just like the other elves.

He was not afraid of being ostracized by unfamiliar elves, but in his mind, he had already regarded Shen Yanxiao as a friend.

To be despised by the elves he cared about, that feeling…

Closing his heart, all the cold words could not hurt him, but if the friend in his heart hated him… This was something An Ran dared not imagine.

“Yan Xiao, stay away from that traitor and stay with us.

We are of the same kind.” Shui Ling smiled and reached out his hand to Shen Yanxiao again.

This time, his eyes were full of confidence.


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