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Chapter 1218: Elder Yue (6)

In the room, Qie Er stood in front of Elder Yue, his eyes full of doubts.

“Elder Yue, why did you let Yan Xiao join the Moonlight Tribe” Qie Er could not understand why Elder Yue would do this.

Shen Yanxiao might not know what the Moonlight Tribe represented, but Qie Er was very clear about what it meant.

The Moonlight Tribe was once a supreme tribe that assisted the first generation Elf King.

Their ancestors had participated in the War between Gods and Devils.

Among the elves, the Moonlight Tribe was once the highest pride of the elves.

Countless strong elves and valiant heroes were born in the Moonlight Tribe.

Although the Moonlight Tribe was no longer at its former peak after so many years, it was already a sacred and inviolable tribe in the hearts of many elves.

Shen Yanxiao was just a low-level elf of unknown origin.

Even if an accident had happened to her in the Pure Spirit Tower, Elder Yue should not…

Elder Yue sat on a chair and looked at the indignant Qie Er, sighing silently in his heart.

Since when did the elves forget to be calm Too many emotions were surfacing in their hearts.

If it were back then, Qie Er would not have asked such a rude question.

“That little fellow is very talented.

Such an elf should not be buried in the dust.

Moreover, there are currently too few elves in the Moonlight Tribe.

If there is more fresh blood, the leader will definitely be happy,” Elder Yue said gently.

Qie Er still could not understand.

“Elder Yue, forgive me for being blunt, but Yan Xiaos background is unknown.

We have never found out her true background.

There is no tribe, and we cannot even find out about her parents.

Inviting such an elf into the tribe is not safe.” The birth of an elf was a very important matter in the elf world, as a child born from a high-level elf would have much higher talent than other ordinary elves.

“So what To me, the childs eyes are very clear, and I can sense no turbid feeling in them.

Qie Er, do you have any prejudice against that child” Elder Yue felt that Qie Er had too much prejudice towards Shen Yanxiao; this was something very bad.

Qie Er frowned slightly and lowered his head.

“Qie Er wouldnt dare.

I just hope that the hero tribe will maintain its purity.”

Elder Yue laughed and said, “Hero tribe It is just a Moonlight Tribe, no different from any other tribes.

The remaining elves of the Moonlight Tribe can be counted on one hand.

If this continues, Im afraid that after another thousand years, it will completely disappear.”

A trace of loneliness flashed across Elder Yues eyes.

No one wanted their tribe to disappear in the long river of history.

It was just that the fertility of the elves had begun to weaken after the battle between gods and devils.

Now, among the ten pairs of elven couples, at least six pairs were unable to give birth to new lives.

The elves had begun to move toward a terrible future.

Elder Yue was very worried.

He was worried that the elves would completely disappear from this world in the near future and become a legend forever.

“Elder Yue…” Qie Ers voice carried a trace of sorrow.

The situation of the Moonlight Tribe was indeed not optimistic.

From the time of their earliest ancestors who survived the War of the Gods and Devils, there were fewer and fewer elves in the Moonlight Tribe.

For some reason, the fertility rate of the elves in the Moonlight Tribe was very low.

In the thousands of years that followed, there were only now seven elves left in the tribe that once had more than ten thousand elves.

Moreover, none of them were young anymore.

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