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Chapter 1202: Absorption (2)

“Give it a try.” Shen Yanxiao said and sat down with her legs crossed.

“Try to absorb it piece by piece and interrupt it once a minute.

If you feel uncomfortable, leave immediately.” Shen Yanxiao instructed.

This method was the result of her research with Xiu in the afternoon.

Since the Pure Spirit Tower existed, it must have a meaning for its existence.

If one could not completely absorb the power in the Pure Spirit Tower, then the advanced training camp would not have prepared it.

The source of life could grow.

The better it grew, the more power it would absorb.

Xiu felt that the existence of the Pure Spirit Tower was to expand the absorption capacity of the elves, forcing them to experience a qualitative leap under great pressure.

Therefore, Shen Yanxiao was prepared to give it a try and see how far she could withstand the energy.

In the morning, An Ran said that he felt unwell, but Shen Yanxiao did not feel anything.

Mo Yu and the rest had mentioned that she had absorbed the power of the Tree of Life in a complete and rapid manner.

This meant that her source of life had digested the power of the Tree of Life very quickly.

Hearing Shen Yanxiaos words, An Ran also sat down and tried to train.

The entire first floor of the Pure Spirit Tower was silent.

Qie Er stood at the entrance and recorded the condition of every elf.

After the accident in the morning, all the elves had learned their lesson.

They slowed down their training speed and calculated how much energy they could accept.

Minutes and seconds passed, and in the blink of an eye, half an hour had passed.

The faces of the elves seated in the corner turned pale.

Qie Er recorded some data on the sheepskin book and remained silent.

In another ten minutes, those pale-faced elves finally could not withstand the powerful life force.

They stood up in a panic and ran towards the door.

Qie Er asked the Flaming Giant Apes outside to open the door and let them out.

Another ten minutes passed and another batch of elves could not take it and ran out.

An hour later, there were no other elves in the Pure Spirit Tower with the exception of An Ran and Shen Yanxiao.

Qie Er stood on one side and looked at the both of them in surprise.

In the morning, they chose the corner with the lowest concentration of energy and so, nothing unusual happened.

However, right now, they chose to sit at the place with the highest concentration of energy and had persisted for an hour without leaving.

Qie Er had never encountered such a situation.

Even Mo Yu and the rest who had joined the Silvermoon Guards could only stay in the central area for fifty minutes when they first entered the Pure Spirit Tower.

However, Shen Yanxiao and An Rans time had far exceeded theirs.

Could it be, their potential was greater than Mo Yu and the rest

Qie Er narrowed his eyes with a complicated expression.

Five minutes later, An Rans breathing became rapid.

He could clearly feel a powerful force pressing down on his source of life, lingering for a long time that he could not digest.

Even though he had followed Shen Yanxiaos instructions and stopped his absorption every minute, it was too difficult for the elves to suppress their instincts.

Even if An Ran used all his strength, he could not completely suppress it.

During the supression, a trace of energy would still enter his body.

“You may leave,” Shen Yanxiao suddenly said.

An Ran looked at her in surprise.

Shen Yanxiao did not open her eyes.

Her eyes were closed and there was no signs of discomfort on her fair face.

“You… are fine” An Ran looked at Shen Yanxiao in disbelief.

He could not find any signs of pain on her face.

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