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Chapter 1200: Suspicion (1)

This was similar to drinking beer.

Some people could drink it like water, a bucket or two was not a problem.

However, if it were to be replaced with concentrated vodka…

Not to mention a bucket, a small cup would make you kneel.

The tragedy of the elves was that they regarded any random alcohol as beer…

Therefore, they were collectively beaten down.

“If you want to improve yourselves, you have to understand your limits.

Some good things cannot be endured under any conditions.

Today is to teach you a lesson and let you understand your limits.

In the future, when you enter the Pure Spirit Tower, how long you can stay and how long you can improve will depend on yourselves.

Only those who can stay on the first floor for seven days are eligible to enter the second floor.

Do you understand” Qie Er said in a stern voice.

The group of elves looked like wilted eggplants as they nodded.

They were all top-notch black elves in the Moon God Continent, but they were lectured like grandsons in the advanced training camp.

The most depressing thing was that they could not refute.

They could not even last ten minutes, let alone seven days!

This was only the first floor of the Pure Spirit Tower, and they did not even dare to imagine how terrifying the subsequent six floors were.

They finally understood why they had to start from the first floor where the energy concentration was thelowest.

If they were to directly enter the seventh floor, they would probably be able to meet with the previous Elf Kings in less than a minute.

“Very well.

You can go back now.

You all should come back in the afternoon, Ill bring you in then.” Qie Er paused for a moment before he said, “Yan Xiao and An Ran, stay.”

Qie Ers words caused the other elves to look at the twoweirdos standing at the end of the group.

They did not understand why Qie Er wanted to keep these two weirdos behind.

Looking at Shen Yanxiao and An Rans ruddy complexion, the group of elves started to mumble.

Compared to them who were as pale as a sheet of paper, Shen Yanxiao and An Rans complexion was completely different!

“Are they alright after experiencing that” An elf guessed.

But very soon, it was refuted by other elves.

“Are you joking An Rans strength is about the same as us and we cant even withstand it.

How can he possibly withstand it Besides, Yan Xiao isnt even a black elf.

Do you think she can withstand such a concentrated amount of life force”

No one believed that Shen Yanxiao and An Ran did not encounter any problems in the Pure Spirit Tower.

They were more willing to believe that Qie Er had asked them to stay because of their hesitation in the Pure Spirit Tower.

Their hesitant actions were essentially showing doubt and distrust to the advanced training camp.

In the world of elves, this was absolutely not a good thing.

“Who cares”

The group of elves chatted for a while before leaving with their companions.

Compared to discussing these two weirdos, they were more concerned about whether they could stay longer in the Pure Spirit Tower.

Other than the two Flaming Giant Apes guarding in front of the Pure Spirit Tower, only Qie Er, Shen Yanxiao and An Ran remained.

Qie Er stepped forward and stood before them.

With a trace of doubt in his eyes, he sized up Shen Yanxiao and An Ran.

“Are you two alright” Qie Er asked.

None of the elves who entered the Pure Spirit Tower for the first time had come out unscathed.

But in front of his eyes, there were exceptions to that statement, and there were two of them.

This had aroused Qie Ers suspicion as to whether there were any elves who had informed them about the Pure Spirit Tower before they came in.

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