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Chapter 1197: Change (1)

The elves in the Pure Spirit Tower were obsessed with their training.

Shen Yanxiao raised her hand in an attempt to touch the mist.

When the mist adhered to her hand, Shen Yanxiao felt a familiar power spreading from her skin to her source of life.

That feeling was exceptionally familiar.

In Fragrant Night City and Jadeite City, she had sensed the same aura in the test liquid during both tests.

Even if it was only a small amount, it was still extremely dense.

This was a pure form of power that had been condensed.

It was much more powerful than what she had sensed in any city.

“Follow me,” Shen Yanxiao narrowed her eyes and said to An Ran.

Qie Er was observing the elves reactions when he suddenly saw Shen Yanxiao and An Ran walking towards the corner of the first floor.

He slightly raised his eyebrows and did not react.

He merely quietly observed their movements.

Shen Yanxiao found a spot where the fog was slightly thinner and immediately sat down with her legs crossed.

An Ran followed her and sat down as well.

“The energy here is very strong.

When you absorb it, you have to slow down and dont rush things.” Shen Yanxiao instructed.

An Ran nodded.

He had indeed sensed the powerful energy in the Pure Spirit Tower.

If it were not for Shen Yanxiao, his first reaction after entering the tower would probably be the same as those elves—he would seize the opportunity to train.

Shen Yanxiao took a deep breath and began to absorb the life force around her.

However, her progress was very slow as she devoured the surrounding energy bit by bit.

Furthermore, after devouring a portion of it, she cut off her absorption and converted it into her source of life before carefully absorbing again.

Xiu had said that being too eager for success would only result in the opposite effect.

Qie Ers previous words had given Shen Yanxiao a wake-up call and so, she was absorbing the energy with great care.

Even though An Ran did not think as deeply as Shen Yanxiao, he still followed her instructions and slowed down his absorption speed.

However, in the face of a powerful life force that he had never experienced before, it was rather strenuous to forcefully suppress his instincts and slow down.

The entire room was silent.

All the elves were working hard to train, but Qie Er took out a sheepskin book and a quill in his other hand.

He swept across the elves before him one by one and carefully recorded their condition.

After he recorded Shen Yanxiao and An Rans condition, he hesitated.

He looked up at them several times and hesitated for a moment before he wrote down a long analysis.

“Yan Xiao and An Ran have keen minds and are good at analyzing unfamiliar surroundings.

They would calmly analyze the unknown forces…”

No other elves knew what Qie Er was doing.

They were only concentrating on absorbing the surrounding energy.

However, ten minutes later.

In the quiet Pure Spirit Tower, a cry of pain suddenly sounded.

An elf who was seated in the center of the Pure Spirit Tower suddenly collapsed as his body convulsed.

His originally pale face was devoid of blood as he curled up in pain while his slender limbs trembled incessantly.

The elf seated beside him opened his eyes in confusion and looked at him.

However, the next second, he also fell down and his body twitched.

His condition was exactly the same as the previous elf.

Like a terrifying infectious disease, the elves on the first floor of the Pure Spirit Tower began to twitch!

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