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Chapter 1187: Test (3)

Mo Feng and the rest looked at Mo Yu in unison.

Mo Yu had clearly mentioned that Yan Xiao was only a cyan elf, but why did it display the color of a yellow elf in the test

In order to ensure the accuracy of this test, Mo Feng specially prepared the advanced test liquid used for elves to enter black-level cities from white-level cities.

The concentration of the Tree of Lifes sap in this test liquid was far higher than what was used in cyan-level cities, so there would absolutely be no mistakes in the test result.

However, Mo Yu had personally seen Shen Yanxiaos test results a few days ago.

Even if the power of the Tree of Life in a white-level city was much denser than in a cyan-level city, it would not allow anyone to breakthrough a rank in such a short time, right

The four elves were puzzled.

Not to mention them, even Mo Yu himself was confused.

He clearly remembered the results of Shen Yanxiaos test in Fragrant Night City, and it was absolutely cyan.

How did she jump from a cyan elf to a yellow elf in just a few days

Even Mo Yu found it unimaginable, let alone Mo Feng and the rest.

However, the shock Shen Yanxiao brought them was far from over.

As soon as the test liquid turned yellow, a red color soon spread out from Shen Yanxiaos palm.

The red color soon devoured all the yellow hue in the liquid, instantly turning the liquid turned red.

Then, a white line spread from Shen Yanxiaos fingertips into the red liquid.

The third change!

The four elves who were initially skeptical of Mo Yus words were thoroughly shocked after witnessing Shen Yanxiaos third change!

They looked at Shen Yanxiao in disbelief and subconsciously rubbed their eyes, wondering if they were hallucinating.

Was there really an elf with such an unstable source of life

But to undergo three levels of change in a short period of time

Everything before their eyes had completely shattered their worldview!

In a few moments, the basin of liquid began to boil and strands of white mist began to pervade the crystal apparatus.

Mo Feng and the rest immediately fixed their eyes on the ball of mist, fearing that they might miss something.

Shen Yanxiao frowned as she looked at the spreading fog.

To be honest, she felt uncomfortable.

However, the focused gazes from Mo Feng and the rest told her that if she wanted to convince these elves to send her to the advanced training camp, it was best not to take out her hands right now.

The scene in Fragrant Night City happened again.

But now, the onlookers were no longer a group of ignorant cyan elves.

The five elves present were the few of the most powerful elves of the elven race, so they were well aware of what the scene before them represented, which was precisely why their hearts were currently filled with excitement and shock!

The absorption of the Tree of Lifes power was not only a matter of percentage, but also of speed.

The time it took to absorb the Tree of Lifes power was a huge gauge of an elfs potential.

The Tree of Lifes sap in the test liquid had been processed beforehand, so it contained a certain degree of impurities, and it could be said to be a type that was difficult to absorb.

Otherwise, they would not dare to use the test liquid for the elves.

Otherwise, the sap of the Tree of Life would be absorbed after a few tests.


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