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Chapter 1183: Doubts (3)

The moment Mo Yu said that, Mo Yan and the rest immediately became nervous.

The growth speed of an elfs source of life was very slow and even for the most talented black elf, it was the same.

During the test, it was absolutely impossible for there to be a situation where a rank advancement would occur.


The test liquid evaporated

That was even more inconceivable.

They were all well aware that the main ingredient in the test liquid was the sap of the Tree of Life and that it would never evaporate.

However, Mo Yu said that all the test liquid had evaporated.

In that case, it could only mean that the sap of the Tree of Life contained in the spring water had been absorbed by that elf without her knowing!

“Are you sure she absorbed it all” Mo Lei spoke with great difficulty.

It was not that he did not trust Mo Yu, but it would be terrifying if that was true.

“I am not blind! I am sure that after evaporating, there was not a single drop of water in the crystal basin!” Mo Yu said with determination.

The sap of the Tree of Life was extremely viscous.

The sap that had not been mixed would show signs of coagulation.

Moreover, the sap of the Tree of Life was emerald green and it was extremely conspicuous on the transparent crystal apparatus.

Even if there was only a little bit, it would not escape the eyes of an elf.

At that time, Mo Yu repeatedly looked at that crystal basin several times, but he did not find any traces of the sap of the Tree of Life.

Other than the fact that it was completely absorbed, he did not have any other thoughts.

“About this…” Mo Feng was greatly shocked.

He looked at Mo Yu with hesitation.

“Even though you are sure, it is too unbelievable for us.

We cannot believe it so easily.

I-if you really want us to believe it, bring that elf to us.

We have to see her absorbing the sap of the Tree of Life with our own eyes before we can be sure.

“Then what if everything is true” Mo Yu narrowed his eyes and asked.

Mo Feng and the other three elves looked at each other and found the same answer in each others eyes.

Mo Feng then sighed and said, “If everything is as you say, then the four of us will be your guarantors and persuade those guys from the advanced training camp to let that little girl enter the advanced training camp to train with the black elves.”

In the face of such terrifying absorption efficiency, Mo Feng and the others had no choice but to relax their conditions.

“Alright! I will contact her tomorrow, but you have to prepare the test beforehand.” Mo Yu smiled.

He was not worried that Shen Yanxiao would not pass the test of Mo Feng and the rest.

He was confident in his judgment.

“Rest assured, I will apply for the items for the test from the elders.

I only hope that the little girl you selected will not disappoint us.” Mo Feng nodded.

If such a genius were to appear, they could finally breathe a sigh of relief.

After all, their main objective for leaving the Moonshine City was to select outstanding elves to enter the city.

“You will surely not be disappointed,” Mo Yu smiled and said.

“I hope so.

Whats the name of the little girl youve selected Ill see if I can find out her background.” Mo Lei was rather prudent in his actions and just as Mo Yu said, that little girl should definitely not be someone unknown.

“Er…” The smile on Mo Yus face stiffened.

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