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Chapter 1181: Doubts (1)

In one of the black-level cities, Water City.

In a rather secretive location, Mo Yu was currently looking at his comrades seated at the round table with excitement.

“Mo Yu, youve gone crazy.” The handsome elf in silver armor frowned as he looked at the excited Mo Yu.

“Mo Feng, listen to me.

She is the most interesting elf I have ever seen.

You have not seen her uniqueness with your own eyes.

If you had, you would not be doubting me.” Mo Yu spoke eagerly.

The other four elves seated at the table were in similar positions as him; they were all members of the Silvermoon Guards.

They were stationed at the entrances that led to the five black-level cities in Moonshine City.

They were all dispatched because they had to personally resolve some thorny issues.

Mo Feng frowned and said, “No matter how special she is, shes only a cyan elf.

Mo Yu, the reason why we are choosing members of the Silvermoon Guards from other cities is not for you to have fun.

No matter how playful you are, you shouldnt cause trouble like this.

How capable can a cyan elf be Even if she is more special than other elves, you cannot favor her like this and directly recommend her to the advanced training camp.

Your actions are too unreasonable so I disagree with your application.”

“You… why dont you understand what Im talking about With her qualifications, its basically a disgrace to her abilities if she went to the other training camps!” Mo Yu practically wanted to roar.

If he wanted to make an exception and recommend Shen Yanxiao to the advanced training camp, he had to obtain the approval of the five people present.

Mo Yus thoughts were very simple and he felt that this matter should not be difficult to accomplish.

However, he did not expect that the moment he mentioned about sending a cyan elf into the advanced training camp, he would be opposed by his four companions.

Sitting beside Mo Feng, Mo Yan also looked at Mo Yu with a disapproving expression.

Mo Yu was the most reckless among the five of them and his personality was completely different from an elf.

This time, they had left Moonshine City and came to other cities to select elves with potential.

The other four had chosen from black-level cities and the worst they would look at were from white-level cities.

However, Mo Yu deliberately acted flippantly and went to a cyan-level city to cause trouble.

Not only that, he even wanted to send a cyan elf to the advanced training camp.

That was simply unimaginable.

“Mo Yu, if you really think that elf has potential, we will allow you to send her to the intermediate training camp for the time being.

However, we will never agree to send her to the advanced training camp.” Mo Yan directly rejected Mo Yus request.

It had to be known that the elves in the advanced training camp were all black elves.

Even white elves could not enter, not to mention a cyan elf.

If they were to agree to Mo Yus suggestion, they would be a laughingstock.

Mo Yu was already roaring with anger.

Why cant these people believe in his judgment

Even though he liked causing trouble, he did not dare to cause trouble with this kind of matter.

After all, he knew the gravity of the situation.

“Mo Yans decision is already very lenient.

According to normal rules, a cyan elf cannot enter the intermediate training camp.

Mo Yu, dont force yourself.

If that elf you mentioned is talented, she will have a chance to display her skills even in the intermediate training camp.” Mo Lei chose to compromise and agreed to Mo Yans suggestion.

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