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Chapter 1176: Moonshine Trading House (4)

“I wonder which type of gem you wish to sell and how many are there” The white elf tried hard to suppress his excitement.

If the elf in front of them were planning to sell gems here, even if there were only a few, they could attract some elves to their establishment.

“Are there any differences between the gems” Shen Yanxiao tilted her head.

She was not sure if elves and humans had the same understanding of gems.

If they were different… that would be awkward.

The white elf said with a good temper, “Well, the purity of the gem will affect the value of the gem, and theres also a difference in its size.” With that said, the white elf took out a gem accessory hanging on his waist and placed it in his palm as he explained to Shen Yanxiao.

“For example, the sapphire on my pendant has good permeability and is also very dazzling under the sunlight.

The price of this gem would be rather high and generally speaking, the gorgeous color is the highest grade among gems.

For example, bright red, golden yellow, and so on.

Furthermore, for different gems, the depth of the color is also very important.

A sapphire like mine requires a moderate blue, because if the blue is too deep, it will turn black and if it is too shallow, it will lose its luster.”

The white elf paused for a moment and said, “The most precious gems are colorless and transparent.

And gems with a slight blue glow are treasures that many people are fighting to collect.

But as long as theres a slight yellow glow, the value will drop very low.”

Shen Yanxiao nodded.

This was the same standard as humans, so she had nothing to worry about.

“Im not sure about the quality of my gems.

Why dont I take them out and you can take a look at them yourselves.” Shen Yanxiao was too lazy to look through them one by one.

She opened her interspatial ring and rummaged through the bags filled with gems.

The two elves were stunned for a moment and felt somewhat disappointed.

Looking at this customers appearance, she probably did not have much understanding of gems.

Furthermore, looking at her age, she should not have reached adulthood yet, so the odds of her owning many gems were infinitely small.

‘Forget it.

Even if theres only one or two, its still good.

At least were open for business, the white elf comforted himself and looked at his companion.

His companion also nodded.

It was better than nothing.

Just as they were feeling depressed, Shen Yanxiao finally found the first bag of gems among the pile of stuff in her ring.

She reached in and took it out.

With a bang, it was thrown in front of the two white elves.

The sack the size of a head was thrown by the two elves feet.

Looking at the heavy bag, they were stunned.

As Shen Yanxiao threw the bag too roughly, the rope around the bag loosened and jewels the size of a fingernail rolled out.

Huala! Huala!

“…” The two white elves were immediately petrified!

“These… these are all gems” The white elf stared at the gems scattered all over the ground in shock.

Under the light crystals illumination, the gems on the ground sparkled with resplendent light, similar to the stars in the night sky falling into the mundane world.

“Why… why are there so many…” The other white elf swallowed his saliva.

If this bag was filled with gems, then… he dared to swear that the number of gems in this bag would definitely be greater than all the gems in the entire South Street combined!!

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