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The old man was very excited, but he became worried soon after.

It had been many years since the Warlock Division had any students.

Without a doubt, that student was from another division.

It would be challenging for a student from another division to walk the path of a warlock, especially if they tried to do it without the guidance of a teacher.

It was precisely why he had placed that sheepskin notebook in a conspicuous place.

That ordinary-looking notebook was not something that belonged on the second floor.

Instead, it was a precious treasure that one would find on the twentieth floor, the highest level in the library.

“Take it away! Take it away! Those books ought to be handed to people who can use them.

It is the meaning of their existence.” The old man revealed a joyous smile for the first time, and his expression was filled with expectation.

“Young lad, I hope that you would not let my painstaking efforts go to waste.”

Shen Yanxiao thought that the sheepskin notebook was a great item.

She was puzzled as to why the detailed and systematic notebook was placed only on the second floor.

With the item in hand, Shen Yanxiao impatiently read up on the two combination curses that were recorded in the book.

One of the curses was called the Enervation.

It was made up of five singular curses – slow, weak, blood, blind, and distortion.

The produced effect was to weaken the enemy and to cause them to become inferior to even ordinary people.

The intensity of the curse depended on the difference between the strengths of both the caster and the victim.

If the opponent were weaker or equal to the caster, then they would immediately become a slow-moving, powerless trash that could not attack.

As long as the opponents level did not exceed three levels higher than the caster, then they could still enervate them.

However, if the opponent were five levels above the caster, then the curse would be completely ineffective.

The other curse was called the Illusion Construct, and it was made up of four singular curses – distortion, blur, confusion, and illusion.

The effect of a curse would be more powerful if they had more singular curses in its combination.

The Illusion Construct allowed the caster to cause the opponent to have false illusions and to be controlled by the warlock for a short period.

Compared to the Enervation curse, the Illusion Construct was slightly easier.

However, if it was utilized well, it was capable of stealthy murder.

Shen Yanxiao could easily end a persons life with a casual infliction of the Illusion Construct curse.

Even though the two curses would not inflict severe damage on its victim, its after-effects were rather astonishing.

It was an essential tool that could be used to launch sneak attacks on unsuspecting victims.

It was no wonder the people in the Brilliance Continent loathed warlocks.

What if one was careless and allowed an enemys warlock to inflict the Enervation curse on them A peerless expert would be instantly turned into a useless person that could neither retaliate nor control their deaths.

It was even worse if they were inflicted with the Illusion Construct curse.

They would obediently kill themselves without any interference from their opponent.

Shen Yanxiao had only one word to describe those combination curses, and that wasdisgusting.

Even though she felt disgusted, she was happy to have learned it as well.

Shen Yanxiao did not realize that those seemingly low-attack combination curses were actually advanced skills that a warlock could have.

Junior warlocks would learn singular curses first before they would continue with combinations curses that were made of only two singular ones.

To skip past combination curses made up of two to three singular curses and progress to fourth or fifth level of combination curses was the same as to invite death due to reckless behavior.

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