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Chapter 1166: Training Camp (8)

“Erm…” Shen Yanxiao was confused by Mo Yus sudden change in attitude.

His temperament was exactly the same as Tang Nazhi.

If she did not know that Tang Nazhi was far away in the Brilliance Continent, Shen Yanxiao would have thought that he was Tang Nazhi in disguise.

“Haha, weve really picked up a treasure today.

Come with me.” Mo Yu pulled Shen Yanxiao excitedly and completely disregarded the elves who had been thoroughly petrified.

He pushed them away with a grunt and pulled Shen Yanxiao as they dashed away.

The elves standing in the test area had yet to recover from the strange incident.

After Mo Yu and Shen Yanxiao left, they silently shifted their gaze to the empty crystal basin and all of them had horrified expressions.

“This… this is the sap of the Tree of Life… how could it evaporate…” A cyan elf swallowed his saliva with great difficulty.

The liquid used to test elves was in fact the sap of the Tree of Life.

Everything about the Tree of Life would resonate with the elves, so they used it to determine the elves level by the color.


All of them had lived for so long, and this was the first time they had encountered a prodigy who could evaporate the sap of the Tree of Life without leaving a single drop.

“Speaking of which, that male elf seems to be… a white elf” One of the elves swallowed his saliva.

It was simply inconceivable to see a white elf in a cyan-level city.

Generally speaking, those who entered cyan-level cities to invigilate the test and the training camp were mostly yellow elves.

Even red elves were rarely seen, let alone white elves that were second only to black elves.

However, the elf who dragged that young elf here for the test had a white badge on his chest.

This kind of incident… was too strange.

“Calm down and continue with the test.

That is Master Yu from the Silvermoon Guards,” the elf in charge of the test said calmly.

“Master Yu!” The group of elves could no longer remain calm.

The name of the Silvermoon Guards resounded throughout the entire Moon God Continent, and the five most famous elves were the members stationed at the entrances to the five black-level cities.

The one responsible for the entrance to the City of Rain was the rumored Master Yu, Mo Yu!

“But… isnt Young Master Yu a black elf” A certain cyan elf whispered.

The elf responsible for the test casually said, “He merely took a random badge.”

He casually grabbed a badge…

All the elves had the urge to die.

Black elves had badges of all levels.

Of course, if they wore black badges, they could freely travel throughout the Moon God Continent.

Very rarely would a black elf abandon their black badge and choose another color badge to wear.


The one in charge of recruiting members for the training camp was not a white elf, but a black elf Furthermore, he was a high-ranking elf that was directly under the Elf Kings Silvermoon Guards…

In an instant, all the elves felt incomparable remorse.

If they had known that the elf responsible for the training camp had such a powerful background, they would have gone to Mo Yu no matter what.

If they could obtain the favor of a black elf, then it would be much easier for them to survive in the future.

A few casual pointers would be enough for them to enjoy for a long time!

Unfortunately, no matter how remorseful they were, the registration area of the training camp was deserted.

Mo Yu had already pulled Shen Yanxiao away and disappeared without a trace!

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