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Chapter 1160: Training Camp (2)

In the Moon God Continent, many elves from low-level cities had thought about getting rid of their rank restriction by going through the training camp.

However, there were very few successful cases.

The elves in cyan-level cities were already not talented to begin with.

Even if they barely managed to enter the training camp, they would not experience any significant improvements.

Some elves were even arranged to guard the border of the Moon God Continent, staying far away from the Tree of Life.

In such a situation, it was hard for them to have any achievements in their lives.

Yue Xi carefully analyzed the pros and cons of the training camp to Shen Yanxiao.

He hoped that she would consider it carefully.

But for Shen Yanxiao, no matter how poorly this method could go, she had to give it a try.

That was because there was still a group of people waiting for her to return to the distant Brilliance Continent.

The longer she stayed in the Moon God Continent, the more unforeseen things could happen in the Brilliance Continent.

“If I enter the training camp, can I still come out” Shen Yanxiao had already made up her mind to enter the training camp.

However, she still more or less remembered that unlucky Third Uncle of hers and her parents that she had never met.

Yue Xi said, “The training duration is only half a year.

If Little Young Miss is accepted by the Silvermoon Guards, then Little Young Miss can freely move around all the cities outside Moonshine City.

Now, there will be about a months time before the recruitment will be held.

Once its done, they will arrange for you to stay in a city.

Generally speaking, the places Silvermoon Guards are in charge of are only black-level cities and Moonshine City.”

Shen Yanxiao tapped her chin.

Half a year of training and one month of free activities.

Once its all said and done, she might have five months to squat by the Tree of Life and work hard to increase her strength.

No matter what, it was a good deal.

Of course, these calculations were based on Shen Yanxiao successfully entering the Silvermoon Guards.

“I intend to give it a try.

Yue Xi, tell me what else you have to pay attention to.” Shen Yanxiao said.

Yue Xi sighed.

“Since Little Young Miss has made up her mind, then I shall not persuade you any further.

These fruits in my hands I will give them to Little Young Miss.

With five days left before the registration, Little Young Miss should eat these fruits to improve your source of life as quickly as possible.

There are not many things to pay attention to in the training camp.

Basically, they would accept all the participants, but I am not very clear about what will happen in the training camp.

Nonetheless, Little Young Miss cannot take a single step out of the training camp for half a year.

I heard that there are a total of three training camps, and the ranks of the elves in those three training camps are different…”

According to Yue Xi, the cyan and yellow elves would be arranged in the primary training camp while the red and white elves would be in the intermediate training camp.

If the elves from the black cities wanted to join the training camp, they would directly enter the advanced training camp.

Primary training camps were located in yellow-level cities while intermediate training camps were built in white-level cities.

As for the advanced training camp, it was naturally located in black-level cities.

If she wanted to enter an advanced training camp, she would have to perform well in the primary training camp before she could jump levels.

Shen Yanxiao listened carefully and remembered what Yue Xi told her.

Yue Xi gave all the fruits to Shen Yanxiao and she did not hesitate to leave most of the crystal coins Qi Xia prepared for him and his two children.

The coins were not of much use to her.

After she entered the training camp, money would no longer be necessary, so she might as well leave the money to Yue Xi and his family.

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