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Chapter 1159: Training Camp (1)

Shen Yanxiao felt awful…

Your mother, ah! She already needed to wait such a long time to take each test, and yet, there was still that rule prohibiting her to take the next test within six months of entering the city Wasnt this too much

The system of the elf world brutally smashed Shen Yanxiaos beautiful plans into pieces.

Even if she passed every single test in her first try, it would still take at least two to three years to enter a black-level city.

Two to three years…

It was already too late, alright

There was still a large group of family and friends waiting for her in the Brilliance Continent, alright

She was pressed for time!

Shen Yanxiaos expression instantly turned for the worse.

Her lips twitched as she looked at Yue Xi and said, “Is there any quicker method” She really could not afford to waste her time.

If she were to follow the normal procedure, by the time she climbed to the base of the Tree of Life, Sun Never Sets would probably be tortured by the beast tide until there werent any dregs left.

Yue Xi was slightly surprised.

Evidently, Shen Yanxiaos forlorn expression made Yue Xi tilt his head.

“Tes, but I dont recommend it.”

“Tell things first.” Shen Yanxiao breathed a sigh of relief.

She loved shortcuts.

“Silvermoon Guards.”

“Whats that”

Yue Xi said, “They are a group of guards tasked to protect the safety and harmony of the Moon God Continent.

As long as you enter the Silvermoon Guards, all the restrictions I mentioned before are no longer restrictions.

If you can become the sharpest member of the Silvermoon Guards, you can directly skip the rank restriction and be directly assigned to the Elf King, the closest distance one could get to the Tree of Life.”

Directly entering the Tree of Life! Shen Yanxiaos eyes sparkled.

This was definitely her go-to route.

“How can I join the Silvermoon Guards” Shen Yanxiao impatiently asked.

Yue Xi revealed a hesitant expression.

No matter what, Shen Yanxiao was still the Little Young Miss of the Moonshine Tribe.

Was it really okay to let their Little Young Miss become someone elses bodyguard

Wouldnt his leader strangle him to death if he knew

However, looking at Shen Yanxiaos excited state, Yue Xi could only spit it out.

“If you wish to enter the Silvermoon Guards, you must first enter the Silvermoon Training Camp.

Every time a test is held in cities, the Silvermoon Training Camp would also start to recruit elves.

Little Young Miss only has to register.

After entering the training camp, you will be specially trained, and only the most outstanding elves can enter the Silvermoon Guards.

However, if Little Young Miss is not selected by the Silvermoon Guards, then you can only be randomly assigned to various corners of the Moon God Continent, such as the Moonlight Coast or some other cyan-level cities.”

Not every elf would be fortunate enough to become a member of the Silvermoon Guards.

Yue Xi was very worried.

Looking at Shen Yanxiaos appearance, she seemed to know little about the elves and probably, her source of life was not very powerful.

It would be fine if she was selected by the Silvermoon Guards, but if she was not selected and was sent to a place far away from the Tree of Life, then the potential gains would not make up for the losses.

Those who were tasked to guard the elf world were selected from the training camp.

The more outstanding an elf was, the more likely they would be allocated to a higher-level city.

However, once they entered the training camp, it would mean that they had to completely accept the subsequent arrangements.

No matter where they were allocated in the future, the elves could not complain.

Otherwise, they would be directly exiled and would even be banished to a wasteland that was inferior to cyan-level cities.

Joining the training camp was a gamble.

If they won, it would be the fastest shortcut to the Tree of Life.

If they lost, they could no longer approach the Tree of Life.

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