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Chapter 1143: City of Elves (4)

“How do you feel” Xiu asked.

Shen Yanxiao stretched her muscles and bones.

She did not feel any different, but she could clearly sense that the small seed in her source of life was about to germinate.

“Even though it is slow, it is much better than when we were in the Brilliance Continent,” Shen Yanxiao said with a smile.

It had been some time since her elvish blood had awakened in the Brilliance Continent.

When she was there, there had been no changes to her source of life at all.

And right as she stayed in the Moon God Continent for half a day, her source of life was about to germinate.

Shen Siyu truly did not lie to her.

“Thats good.

The seal on this layer is also at the seventh rank.

So, youll have to rely on your own strength to undo them one by one,” Xiu said.

“I know, but the effects of the cyan-level cities are already so great.

I wonder how good the effects of upper-level cities are.” Shen Yanxiao could not wait any longer.

Seeing her strength increasing was extremely enticing to her.

It almost felt like she was about to fly up into the sky like a rocket.

But its just a fleeting moment.

Her human form had only begun training diligently for only a short while before she exploded in strength.

And her path as an elf was only just beginning.

“Oh, Im so hungry.

Ill go and find something to eat.” When she was in her human form, Shen Yanxiao never had to experience hunger.

However, as a fledgling elf, the source of life in her body was not enough to support her consumption.

Shen Yanxiao could only become a foodie again.

“Chu” Little Phoenix opened its eyes when it heard Shen Yanxiaos voice.

It tilted its head in doubt and looked at Shen Yanxiao.

From the looks of it, it did not seem to want to go out.

Vermilion Bird had been with Little Phoenix for a long time and naturally knew what it meant by its head tilt.

“This little guy seems to have sensed the power of the Tree of Life and is showing signs of growth.

Go ahead, Ill stay here and keep an eye on both of them.” The originally arrogant Vermilion Bird had already developed the awareness of a nanny due to the constant care he needed to show to Little Phoenix and Mini Dragon.

“The Tree of Life can also affect magical beasts” Shen Yanxiao lifted her brow.

“Marginally, it will only have an effect on young magical beasts.

For an adult magical beast like me, the effect is very minimal.” Vermilion Bird, who had the appearance of a cute little kid, called himself an adult.

However, Shen Yanxiaos expression was rather complicated.

She stared at Vermilion Bird before sizing him up and revealing a spurious smile.


“…” Vermilion Bird was momentarily stunned as he understood that Shen Yanxiao was reading him.

Almost instantly, he exploded and pounced towards Shen Yanxiao while screaming.

However, Shen Yanxiao did not give Vermilion Bird any chance to retaliate, as she immediately escaped from the room.

Vermilion Birds furious roar could be heard from the closed door.

Hearing it, Shen Yanxiao was in a good mood.

It felt good to tease a tsundere.

Shen Yanxiao hummed a tune and left without any shame.

The amount of crystal coins Qi Xia prepared for her was not small.

It was enough for her to spend for a period of time.

However, it was absolutely unrealistic to sustain for a year.

As for that poor Third Young Master Qi, why didnt he prepare a years worth of expenses for Shen Yanxiao


A certain fox knew very well that someones ability to accumulate wealth was savage to the extent of insanity.

Shen Yanxiao lacking money That was definitely the biggest joke in history.

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