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Chapter 1111: Achieving Fame After Their First Battle (21)

Just as Senior Brother Qian uttered the last syllable, a huge vortex of magical power hovered above his head.

The disaster was about to arrive.

Just as Senior Brother Qian finished chanting the last syllable, a silver light directly went past his shoulders and pierced through the high-grade magical core on his staff!

With a crisp cracking sound, the magical core on the staff in Senior Brother Qians hand was instantly shattered into pieces…

The dark blue magical core turned into a crystal in an instant.

Under the light of the flames, it flickered with a beautiful yet despairing light.

The staff that was used to cast magic was destroyed at the last second and the magical power lost control in an instant.

The vortex above Senior Brother Qians head suddenly gathered together and smashed towards his head at a strange speed.

Magical backlash!!

This was the nightmare of all Magus.

Everyone knew that if a spell was interrupted during the casting process, all the magical power in the spell would return to the casters body.

However, this type of action would bring about a calamity to the caster!

The spell Senior Brother Qian cast was said to be the most powerful spell available to Great Archmagus, and the timing of the interruption was at the last second before he released his magic.

It was the same as enduring a complete spell!

No Magus could withstand such a powerful magic backlash!

Magical vortex poured into his entire body and a strange scarlet color suddenly appeared on Senior Brother Qians deathly pale face with distinct veins.

Magical power surged throughout his eight meridians and the uncontrollable magical power crushed him into a ball the very next second!


With a loud bang, Senior Brother Qian exploded in an instant.

Fresh blood mixed with broken bones and flesh sprayed out in all directions!

In an instant, a Second-Class Great Archmagus disappeared without a trace.

Experts of the Broken Star Palace and Phantom were also knocked away by the impact.

Shen Yanxiao was the closest to Senior Brother Qian.

When he blew up, she was still in mid-air and could not dodge.

The impact she received was dozens of times heavier than the others.

Her petite body was sent flying dozens of meters away in an instant before crashing against the wall.

The powerful impact caused Shen Yanxiaos eyes to turn white.

Her vision was pitch-black and her mind was buzzing.

She felt waves of acute pain throughout her body and her chest felt as if it had been struck by a hammer.

“Sister!” Lan Fengli dashed towards Shen Yanxiao almost immediately.

He had the strong physique of a dragon so even though the impact was powerful, it did not harm him much.

Lan Fengli hurried to Shen Yanxiaos side and helped her up.

Shen Yanxiao shook her head with great difficulty and her vision gradually recovered.

There was a trace of blood on the corner of her mouth and her eardrums had been popped by the shockwave.

Fresh blood continuously surged from her ears.

“Im fine.” Shen Yanxiao forced herself to speak.

The spell of a Great Archmagus was indeed powerful and that was only after Senior Brother Qian absorbed most of the magical power.

If she were to let him complete his spell, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Not to mention her, probably even Yang Xi with the highest defense could not withstand it.

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