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Chapter 1097: Achieving Fame After Their First Battle (7)

The battle between the Broken Star Palace and Phantom continued.

At the City Lords Mansion, the battle between Shen Yanxiao and Senior Brother Zhou had also begun.

Senior Brother Zhou was a Great Swordsman that had gone through his second class promotion, with his focus being speed.

If Shen Yanxiao were a Summoner, she would have many methods to slow down Senior Brother Zhous attack speed even if there was a difference of one rank between their strength.

However, the problem right now was that Shen Yanxiaos Warlock profession had degenerated to the level of an Advanced-level Professional.

Due to that, there was a difference of three ranks between her and a Great Second-Class Expert.

With a difference of three ranks, practically all her curses would not have much effect on Senior Brother Zhou.

The only thing she could rely on was her identity as a Second-Class Archer.

Unfortunately, the advantage of Magic Archers goal could only be displayed when there was a certain distance between them and the enemy.

However, since Shen Yanxiao could not compare to Senior Brother Zhou in terms of speed, it was practically impossible to increase the distance between them.

Even though Shen Yanxiao had Vermilion Birds help, Vermilion Bird was a fire-elemental magical beast.

Vermilion Birds main focus was to deal high explosive fire damage.

Even though this kind of damage could severely injure the opponent, it was hard to slow them down.

Moreover, Vermilion Birds strength was not at its peak.

It was not that simple to break through the high defense of a Great Swordsman.

Lan Fengli was trapped by eight Second-Class Experts.

The eight of them made use of their professions advantage and only sent Paladins to block Lan Fenglis path.

Then, the Archmagus and Magic Archers would launch long-range attacks at Lan Fengli.

The Paladins had the Sacred Shield of the Archpriests, so it was not a big deal to withstand one or two strikes from Lan Fengli.

There were two Archpriests in the Broken Star Palace so they could cast another Sacred Shield whenever Lan Fengli broke it.

For a moment, Lan Fengli was unable to insta-kill the people in front of him.

However, the dragon blood in his body had also allowed his defense to reach an extremely high level.

The effects of Archmagus and Magic Archers attacks on him were very limited, and it was also hard for a swordsman to break his defense.

Both sides were in a deadlock and neither could finish the other in an instant.

The people from the Broken Star Palace were stalling for time.

The eight of them would stall Lan Fengli, the killing god, while Senior Brother Zhou finished dealing with Shen Yanxiao and Vermilion Bird before dealing with Lan Fengli together.

Lan Fenglis eyes were filled with killing intent.

When he saw Shen Yanxiao fighting against Senior Brother Zhou, he wished he could immediately break out of the encirclement and protect Shen Yanxiao.

However, every time he sent the Paladin in front of him flying, the swordsman behind the Paladin would immediately use Blight Slash to force him back to his original position, allowing the Paladin to block him again.

Lan Fengli almost exploded from the frustration.

Shen Yanxiaos situation was also not optimistic.

Senior Brother Zhou seemed to have found Shen Yanxiaos weakness as he increased his speed while wielding his long sword.

He did not give Shen Yanxiao any chance to pull away.

He would dodge Vermilion Birds attacks in the shortest time possible and then attack again.

The gap between a Great Second-Class Expert and a normal Second-Class Expert was shown perfectly.

Shen Yanxiao frowned as Xius voice sounded in her mind.

“Do you need my help”

Shen Yanxiao barely dodged Senior Brother Zhous Flame Cut and withdrew from his attack range while panting.

“If a mere Great Second-Class Expert warranted you to take action, wouldnt I be useless” Shen Yanxiao immediately rejected Xius help.

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