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Chapter 1096: Achieving Fame After Their First Battle (6)

25 experts from the Broken Star Palace fought against the five Second-Class Experts and five mythical beasts.

For a moment, they were all immersed in the fight.

The gorgeous light continuously blossomed in the hall and the sounds of explosions continued to resound throughout the horizon.

With the fight intensifying, the entire building was on the verge of collapsing.

A second before the building collapsed, everyone from the Broken Star Palace rushed out of the building with their magical beasts.

The tall building disappeared in an instant, leaving only a huge barrier that protected everyone under the rubble.

The loud noise had alerted the citizens of Twilight City.

They came over after hearing the loud noise and saw 25 Second-Class Experts fighting against Qi Xia and the rest in the rubble.

“Arent they those few perverts from Sun Never Sets” Some people recognized Qi Xia and the rest at a glance.

However, when they noticed the few mythical beasts by their side, everyone gasped.

“Their magical beasts… are actually mythical beasts” Everyone suspected if there was a problem with their eyes.

Qi Xia and the rest were already Second-Class Experts at the age of 16 and 17, and that was already extremely abnormal.

But right now, they even had mythical beasts overseeing them…

How the f*ck are they letting others live!

The citizens of Twilight City rejoiced secretly.

Fortunately, their City Lord was wise enough not to insist on fighting the last round against Sun Never Sets.

Otherwise, with five Second-Class Experts and five mythical beasts…

Could they find a group that was even more heaven-defying than them

However, they also noticed that those people who were equally matched against Qi Xia and the rest were all Second-Class Experts and above.

The five of them and their five mythical beasts had to face the attacks of more than 20 experts of the same strength as them and yet, they were not at a disadvantage…

They were not humans!

The teamwork between the Phantom members was perfect to the extreme.

No matter how Senior Brother Qian directed his teammates to launch an attack, it could not break the teamwork between the Phantom members.

Coupled with the protection of the five mythical beasts, Qi Xia and the rest were like tigers that had grown wings.

Advanced magic descended one after another and the Destruction Slash was destroyed in one strike.

Within the gorgeous rain of swords, black snakes with poisonous fangs could be faintly seen as they were shrouded in smoke due to the holy impact.

Flames shot everywhere, lightning flashed, and thunder roared.

The 30-plus silhouettes turned into shadows in mid-air and the citizens of Twilight City could no longer see the fight

With a wail, an Archmagus from the Broken Star Palace suddenly fell to the ground with a dark-colored arrow nailed into his flesh.

A small black snake coiled around the arrow and its sharp poisonous fangs pierced into the Archmaguss neck, injecting blood-sealing poison into his body.

The appearance of the first casualty of the fight shocked the people of the Broken Star Palace.

There were only five of them, but the first one to die was one of their men!

How could they not be shocked by this situation

Senior Brother Qian widened his scarlet eyes and looked at the Archmagus that had breathed his last.

He wished he could immediately tear Qi Xia and the rest into pieces.

When had their Broken Star Palace suffered such losses

They had always been the ones to destroy others, so how long had it been since they experienced failure

They must not lose!

They must not be defeated by these five youths.

Otherwise, the reputation of the Broken Star Palace would turn to dust!

“Kill them at all costs!”

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