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Chapter 1095: Achieving Fame After Their First Battle (5)

If their master were to die in battle, the magical beasts would also be severely injured.

Even if they could preserve their lives, their vitality would be greatly affected.

Live and die together.

Practically no one was willing to sign such a contract with a magical beast.

Even if it would bring great benefits to humans, no one could guarantee that their magical beast would not die in battle.

Once a magical beast died, they would also be buried along with it.

Furthermore, magical beasts would not be willing to joke about their future strength, especially a magical beast like a mythical beast that had an endless lifespan.

They would have to experience countless masters in their lives and they would never sign a blood contract with anyone.

However, these five youths had all signed a blood contract with their mythical beasts.

They had supplied their blood to the mythical beasts, and the mythical beasts had lent their source to their masters.

As a result, their savage powers had exceeded their peers.

“How could this be… how could a mythical beast sign a blood contract” Senior Brother Qian found it hard to believe.

There would be a huge change between a human and a mythical beast that signed a blood contract.

Their strength would increase and they would benefit together.

In fact, it was practically of no benefit to a mythical beast!

The Broken Star Palace also had mythical beasts, but none of them were willing to sign a blood contract with their master.

But why did Qilin and the rest agree

Senior Brother Qian could not understand.

He could not understand anything.

“Because we are good-looking.” Qi Xia curled his lips and revealed a nasty smile.

Senior Brother Qian nearly spat out blood.

He had seen shameless people, but not someone as shameless as him.

“Alright, funtime is over.

Its time for me to have a good fight with you.

Well only know who kills who in the end.” Madness was ignited in Qi Xias eyes.

This madness was exactly the same as when he fought against Shen Yanxiao that day.

However, there was a strong killing intent in this madness.

Senior Brother Qian gritted his teeth.

Their magical beasts were only high-level magical beasts and even if they summoned them, they were not Qilins opponent.

Who would have expected that these few talented youths possessed mythical-level magical beasts, and all of them had even signed a blood contract with them!

Qilin and the other four mythical beasts joined the battle and instantly brought the situation back to its original state.

Black Tortoise descended from the sky like a boulder and directly smashed away all the Broken Star Palaces people who stood by Tang Nazhis side.

Azure Dragon swooped down and with a loud dragon roar, it shook away the people surrounding Yang Xi.

White Tiger suddenly stood in front of Yan Yu and put his hands together with his eyes narrowed.

White holy light shrouded around him, blocking all the attacks.

Orochi stood unrestrained by Li Xiaoweis side.

Several black vipers shot out from his sharp fingers and struck against the incoming arrows and magic attacks.

A gorgeous blood-colored flower blossomed in mid-air.

Qilin directly transformed into a palm-sized silver crystal ball and landed in Qi Xias palms.

The magic around Qi Xias body suddenly reached an unprecedented peak and balls of silver clouds shrouded around him.

Qi Xias magic attacks had increased to a terrifying degree.

The emergence of the five mythical beasts had thrown the Broken Star Palace into chaos.

The cooperation between the mythical beasts and their masters was perfect and impeccable.

White Tiger used Yan Yu to cast a huge holy shield on everyone in Phantom.

Azure Dragon increased everyones movement speed while the Qilin pushed the magic power in Qi Xia and Yan Yus bodies to the peak.

Black Tortoise also boosted Tang Nazhi, Yang Xi and Li Xiaoweis battle aura.

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