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Chapter 1093: Achieving Fame After Their First Battle (3)

On the second floor of the building, Du Lang and the others were protected by the barriers Yan Yu had laid out beforehand.

And through the barrier, they could clearly see the battle underneath them.

The Phantoms magnificent performance at the start had stunned them.

It was hard to believe that this group of youngsters could fight so well when they were so outnumbered.

But when Senior Brother Qian entered the field, the situation immediately changed.

Du Lang and the rest could not help but feel worried for the Phantom members.

“Leader! Lets go down as well! We cant possibly let Qi Xia and the rest fight alone at a time like this.

We cant just stay here like turtles!” Evil Wolf gripped his long sword tightly.

As he looked at men from the Broken Star Palace closing in step by step, he wished he could rush out and fight them to the death.

Du Langs expression was extremely solemn.

He was incapable of detecting the strength of those uninvited guests.

Moreover, Shen Yanxiao had mentioned that the enemies they were about to face were Second-Class Experts.

The strongest among them were the seven wolves and Nangong Mengmeng, who were only Advanced-level Professionals.

Advanced-level Professionals were like ants in front of Second-Class Expert—there was no possibility of victory.

For the first time, Du Lang hesitated.

Yan Yu had spent an entire day laying down the barrier in front of them and repeatedly warned them not to leave.

There was no room for Advanced-level Professionals like them to interfere in a fight between Second-Class Experts.

Even if they were to run, not only would they not help Qi Xia and the rest, they would be a burden for them instead.

However, he could not stand by and watch his comrades fight a bloody battle while he hid in a safe area.

Du Lang looked at the members of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group behind him.

In those pairs of passionate eyes, he saw their eagerness to join the fight.

Du Lang took a deep breath and decided to join the fight.

Even if their strength was lacking, they could not stand by and do nothing.

Even if it was to block a single blow for Qi Xia and the rest, they would gladly endure it!

The Cave Wolves Mercenary Group never had cowards who feared death.

“Brother Du, dont be rash!” Seeing that Du Lang was about to rush down with the Cave Wolves Mercenary Group, Nangong Mengmeng immediately rushed to the edge and opened her arms to block their path.

“Mengmeng, get out of the way.

We are all men.

There is no reason for us to watch our comrades fight a bloody battle to protect us.

If we continue hiding here, wouldnt we become cowards that everyone despises” Du Langs eyes were firm.

Even if they were to die in battle, they would never hide.

Nangong Mengmeng bit her lips.

She was usually the most impulsive one out of everyone, but right now, she was exceptionally calm.

“Brother Du, you are not the Broken Star Palaces opponent.

Even if you were to go out, you would only interfere with their fight.

Even though the people from the Broken Star Palace are strong, they are not weak.

Please believe in them.

They would die so easily.”

“If you all died, Teacher will be in great pain when she comes back.”

“But if Qi Xia and the rest are injured, your Teacher will also be sad.” Du Lang sighed.

Nangong Mengmeng said, “They wont.

They are very strong.

I know that they are stronger than that.

Brother Du, cant you tell that they are not at a disadvantage in the fight against them”

“However, although their levels are the same, their numbers are so different.

Its honestly…”

Nangong Mengmeng smiled and said, “But they have mythical beasts.”

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