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Chapter 1081: Counter Soldiers with Arms (2)

The fruit of their tournament win had fallen into her pocket, and Shen Yanxiao smiled jubilantly.

For a banquet, there was naturally no lack of food and drink.

Shen Yanxiao was in a good mood so her appetite was now larger.

On the other hand, Elder Wen did not have much appetite.

Even though he pretended to be calm on the surface, his gaze would shift towards the door from time to time.

Luo Fans expression was calm, but there was a trace of sinister intent in his eyes.

“Sister,” Lan Fengli suddenly frowned and whispered to Shen Yanxiao.

“Hmm” Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrows.

“A group of experts has come,” Lan Fengli narrowed his eyes and said.

Lan Fenglis strength had far exceeded that of a mythical beast, making his perception equal to that of Xiu.

That was the reason why Shen Yanxiao wanted to bring him here.

“How many people” Shen Yanxiao asked without batting an eyelid as she ate.

Lan Fengli paused for a moment before he said, “Ten.”

“Whats their strength” To be deemed as experts by Lan Fengli, they must be at least in their second class promotion.

The Broken Star Palace was really generous.

They had dispatched ten Second-Class Experts in one go.

It seemed like they really wanted to take her down.

Lan Fengli closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

He expanded his perception and carefully checked the strength of those uninvited guests.

“Nine of them are comparable to Yan Yu, and the last one… is comparable to Qi Xia.”

Standing shoulder to shoulder with Qi Xia Shen Yanxiao was surprised.

When she was still a junior professional, Qi Xias strength had already broken through to the second class promotion.

Moreover, during the Inter-academy Tournament, Qi Xia had become an Archmagi.

Previously, when Yan Yu and the rest broke through, Qi Xias strength had also increased by one rank and was now a Great Archmagi.

Did that mean that the Broken Star Palace had sent a Great Archmagi to deal with her

Shen Yanxiao sneered in her heart.

“They sure think highly of me.” She had only just broken through to the second class promotion and only had the help of one mythical beast.

But, the opponent had already dispatched a Second-Class Great Professional and nine Second-Class Professionals experts to deal with her.

Did they really intend to take her down in one blow

“Sister, do you want me to take care of them” Lan Fengli looked at Shen Yanxiaos side profile and volunteered.

Shen Yanxiao hesitated.

Lan Fengli was very powerful, but she did not know how powerful he was.

She only knew that with the exception of Xiu, everyone around her, including the six mythical beasts and the most powerful Qi Xia, was not his opponent.

However, could Lan Fengli really fight against nine Second-Class experts and one Great Second-Class Expert

“Are you confident” Shen Yanxiao did not want Lan Fengli to take the risk.

Lan Fengli pondered for a moment, seeming to be calculating his chances of winning.

Soon after, he nodded with determination.

“I can take them down.”

Shen Yanxiao was somewhat surprised.

The strength of those ten people from the Broken Star Palace was indeed amazing.

Just that Great Second-Class Expert alone was a huge threat to Shen Yanxiao.

However, she did not expect Lan Fengli to be able to determine the strength of the enemy in such a short time and was even confident to be able to triumph against them.

How powerful was Lan Fengli

Shen Yanxiao could not help but fall into deep thought.

“Sister” Lan Fengli could not help but call out to Shen Yanxiao after waiting for a long time.

Shen Yanxiao came back to her senses.

Looking at Lan Fenglis clear eyes, she smiled.

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