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Chapter 1078: Despicable Plan (2)

Once their army was involved, it was basically impossible for them to conceal that they were the culprits.

Targeting Shen Yanxiao was a small matter, but if they were to violate the agreement between the four countries and trigger a war, the losses would far outweigh the gain.

Luo Fan smiled and said, “Elder Wen, you worry too much.

Since I asked you to postpone the discussion of the reward to three days later, I naturally have my methods to deal with Sun Never Sets.

Rest assured that I will not give myself away.”

“Oh Why do you say that” Elder Wen did not believe him easily.

“The forces of Sun Never Sets are indeed powerful, but it is only when compared to the other three cities.

Even though Shen Yanxiao is a genius, she is still young and has little experience.

Her knowledge is also very shallow.

With her arrogant personality, how could she possibly offend you and me so simply” Luo Fan pointed out.

Elder Wen seemed to have understood Luo Fans intentions.

“You want to borrow someone elses hand But ordinary people are not Shen Yanxiaos opponent.”

Six Second-Class Experts and two mythical beasts.

With such a powerful lineup, they could practically look down on the masses in most parts of the Brilliance Continent.

As long as they did not provoke public indignation and did not confront the armies of various countries, this six-person team would absolutely be an invincible existence.

Luo Fan smiled and said, “But what if the one she offended is not an ordinary person but an organization that is more powerful than her”

“A powerful organization” Elder Wen narrowed his eyes.

On the Brilliance Continent, the four countries stood tall, but there were also some mysterious and powerful forces outside the four countries.

For example, the God Realm.

The Sage in the God Realm was powerful enough to make the rulers of the four countries kneel and welcome him.

However, the God Realms attitude had always been gentle, and they rarely had bad relations with others.

Additionally, they rarely interfered with the affairs between people in the Brilliance Continent.

Even if there were savage and evil people out and about, the God Realm had never taken action.

For the God Realm to take action, the matter must be related to demons, demon beasts and magical beasts.

However, other than the God Realm, Elder Wen also knew of another mysterious and powerful organization.

Compared to the God Realm, this organizations reputation was slightly weaker, and it did not have as many rules as the God Realm.

Furthermore, their strength was also outrageously powerful.

Elder Wens eyes brightened.

He looked at Luo Fan thoughtfully and carefully asked, “Are you referring to… the Broken Star Palace”

Luo Fan nodded.

“The Broken Star Palace was established by the most powerful humans who survived the war between the gods and devils.

It has thousands of years of history.

Im afraid no one can be sure how powerful the Broken Star Palace is.

However, the only thing we can be sure of is that only the God Realm can compete with the Broken Star Palace in the Brilliance Continent.”

Elder Wen gulped.

He had naturally heard of the Broken Star Palace, but he did not expect Shen Yanxiao to have provoked them.

“There is a grudge between the Broken Star Palace and Shen Yanxiao” There was a trace of excitement in Elder Wens tone.

Luo Fan smiled and said, “Thats why Shen Yanxiao is so reckless to provoke the Broken Star Palace.

In our opinion, Second-Class Experts are very powerful, but Elder Wen, do you know that everyone in the Broken Star Palace is a Second-Class Expert Second-Class Experts are as numerous as cats and dogs there.”

Elder Wen gasped.

There were as many Second-Class Experts as there were cats and dogs…

Those insulting words were telling the world a truth.

The Broken Star Palace never lacked second class experts!

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