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Chapter 1061: Stunning Blow (6)

Duan Hen was continuously attacking Shen Yanxiao on Vermilion Birds back, but all of a sudden, a binding silver light suddenly flew over from his right side!

The Redflame Beast reacted almost immediately.

He turned his head and bit the silver light.

What the Redflame Beast caught in his mouth was a silver arrow!

“Where did the arrow come from” Duan Hen frowned.

The arrow came so suddenly.

If the Redflame Beast had not reacted fast enough, he would have been hit.

Just as Duan Hen was puzzled, the entire venue turned mute.

Everyone stared at Shen Yanxiao on Vermilion Birds back in shock.

Shen Yanxiao was currently wielding a dark purple longbow!

“What… whats going on…” Everyone was struck dumb.

They all knew that Shen Yanxiao was a Warlock, but… as a Warlock, she had picked up a bow that only Archers would use.

What was going on

What was even more unbelievable was that Shen Yanxiao took out ten arrows in the blink of an eye and shot them towards Duan Hen at lightning speed.

The speed of each arrow was astonishing, with each of them not being inferior to Duan Hens arrows at all.

In fact…

It was faster than Duan Hen!

Shen Yanxiaos consecutive attacks finally allowed the Redflame Beast and Duan Hen to understand what was going on.

The Redflame Beast angrily burnt the arrows in his mouth into cinders and spat out several balls of fire towards those ten arrows.

However, just as the flames were about to touch the arrows, the ten arrows seemed to have a mind of their own as they suddenly changed directions, dodging all the balls of flame.

Furthermore, they continuously collided with each other in mid-air, which in turn directly increased the speed of the arrows to an astonishing limit.

With a speed that could not be captured by human eyes, they shot towards Duan Hen with a whooshing sound.

The speed of this arrow far exceeded the previous one.

The Redflame Beast did not expect that these arrows would change direction and by the time he reacted, the arrow had already arrived before him.

Just as it was about to hit Duan Hen, the Redflame Beast immediately raised his front hooves and stood up, forcefully blocking the fatal arrow with his body.

The Redflame Beast was not worried that the arrow would hurt him.

A humans arrow would not pose any threat to a mythical beast.

However, when that arrow pierced through the flames on his fur and into his flesh, the Redflame Beast was thoroughly shocked.

He could feel a numbing sensation spreading from the wound.

How was that possible

A human had injured him!

The Redflame Beast was greatly surprised.

Shen Yanxiaos stunning arrow caused a wave of screams in the venue.

As a Warlock, not only did she successfully use a bow, but the arrow she had shot had also unexpectedly punctured the Redflame Beasts flesh

This was crazy!

The spectators could guess how terrifying the defense of a mythical beast was.

Not to mention an Archer, even an Advanced Magus with the strongest explosive power would find it hard to break the defense of a mythical beast in one blow.


Shen Yanxiao did it

Everyone was thoroughly shocked!

Long Xueyao, who had been worried about Shen Yanxiao, cried out in surprise when she saw that.

Thats right, how could she have forgotten The first time Shen Yanxiao appeared in front of her, she was an Archer.

It was only after she revealed her true identity in Sun Never Sets that they realized she was also a powerful Warlock.

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