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Chapter 1059: Stunning Blow (4)

“How could this be…” Nangong Mengmengs face turned pale.

Under Shen Yanxiaos guidance, she had broken through to the level of an Advanced Warlock.

However, her Teacher had regressed to the same level as her.

Even then, Nangong Mengmeng did not have the slightest trace of happiness.

She was merely worried for Shen Yanxiao and at the same time, felt heartache for her.

Her Teacher had always been the strongest existence and would always walk in front of others.

She honestly had no idea how shocked she was by this sudden change.

“No! Its too dangerous to go on like this.

That Redflame Beast has already expressed his hostility towards her.

If this continues, she will definitely suffer! Vermilion Bird is not the Redflame Beasts opponent and the people of Twilight City are all bad people.

That Duan Hen will definitely not spare her.” Nangong Mengmeng stood up with a whooshing sound, wanting to rush up the stage with a pale face.

However, Tang Nazhi pressed her down.

“The situation might not be as bad as you think.

Calm down first.”

“How can I calm down! If my Teacher suffers from any injuries, who will compensate!” Nangong Mengmengs eyes were reddened with anxiety.

She would rather Shen Yanxiao be well than to take risks.

Wasnt it just a fight She would go back and tell His Highness to see who dared to bully her Teacher!

The five of them were speechless.

As expected of Shen Yanxiaos student, even her protectiveness was identical.

Qi Xia sighed.

Looking at the anxious and angry Nangong Mengmeng, he said, “Your Teacher is not a fool.

If there was no chance of winning, she would not have come to fight.

She is not an idiot that would puff herself up at her own cost.

Sit down first.

You have always trusted your Teacher.

This time, you have to believe that she can turn defeat into victory.”

Nangong Mengmeng bit her lips and looked up at the stage anxiously.

On the stage, the Redflame Beast stood there and continuously released magical flames towards Vermilion Bird in the sky.

The density of the flames was simply unbelievable.

Vermilion Bird nimbly dodged in the sky and utilized its limited space to the extreme.

While dodging the attacks of the Redflame Beast countless times, it also spread its wings and caused the rain of flames to fall.

The temperature of the entire venue rose as a result of the confrontation between two flames.

Sitting on the Redflame Beast, Duan Hen narrowed his eyes and pulled the bowstring.

Three arrows then shot towards Shen Yanxiao who was on Vermilion Birds back.

Now, while dodging the attacks of the Redflame Beast, Vermillion Bird had to ensure that Shen Yanxiao would not be hit by Duan Hen.

The consumption of his strength was unimaginable.

“Teacher, how can you…” Nangong Mengmeng looked at the Five Beasts with uncertainty.

No matter how she looked at it, Shen Yanxiao did not have the slightest chance of winning.

Vermilion Bird had to face an attack on two fronts and even if he was a mythical beast, he would not be able to hold on for long.

“Up until now, I have yet to discover anything she is incapable of.” Qi Xia smiled and comforted her.

Nangong Mengmeng sat down hesitantly, but she was still worried deep down.

She stared at the stage without blinking.

Similar to what Nangong Mengmeng was worried about, everyone in the venue was secretly screaming at this exciting fight.

However, they could already predict the result of the fight.

Even though the two sides were evenly matched, Vermilion Bird had to endure far greater pressure than the Redflame Beast.

Duan Hens coordination with the Redflame Beasts attacks could be described as flawless, even to the point of forcing Vermilion Bird into a dead end several times.


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