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Chapter 1056: Stunning Blow (1)

Shen Yanxiao and Duan Hen walked up the stage together.

The one accompanying Shen Yanxiao was Vermilion Bird, while the one standing by Duan Hens side was the Redflame Beast.

The Redflame Beasts human form was tall and mighty, just like Vermilion Bird.

He had a head full of long scarlet hair and a pair of fiery red eyes.

However, compared to Vermilion Bird in his child form, the Redflame Beast appeared extremely unrestrained.

He crossed his arms and looked at Vermilion Bird by Shen Yanxiaos side rather arrogantly.

“Vermilion Bird, why have you become like this Im so surprised.” The Redflame Beast teased Vermilion Bird.

Vermilion Bird sneered.

“Youre the one that has surprised me.

Havent you always disdained to cooperate with humans Why did you sign a contract with a human”

The Redflame Beast furrowed his brow and said, “Life is too long and the Brilliance Continent is too boring.

I just want to have some fun.”

Vermilion Bird slightly frowned.

Even though he was arrogant by nature, after signing a contract with a human, he would sincerely submit to the person he had chosen.

However, the Redflame Beasts words did not seem to place Duan Hen in his eyes; this attitude made Vermilion Bird feel disgusted.

As a magical beast, once it recognized its master, it must treat its master with sincerity.

If it was not loyal, why would it sign a contract with a human

“Youre still as annoying as ever,” Vermilion Bird impolitely said.

“I dont mind if you hate me more.

Maybe after I roast you, you will turn from hate to fear.” The Redflame Beasts words were rather arrogant.

He did not care about the injured Vermilion Bird at all.

Vicious beasts and spirit beasts were not harmonious to begin with.

Moreover, both he and Vermilion Bird were mythical beasts of fire.

It had been more than a day or two since they disliked each other.

“You” Vermilion Bird snorted.

Before the match even started, the mythical beasts from both sides were already filled with hostility.

The spectators looked at the two mythical beasts fighting back and forth in excitement.

So it turned out that mythical beasts also had many grudges between them.

It seemed like this fight would not disappoint them!

Shen Yanxiao did not know whether to laugh or cry as she looked at the raging Vermilion Bird.

The Redflame Beast and Vermilion Bird were indeed old acquaintances.


“Its hard to say who will roast who.

Take care of your master first.” Shen Yanxiao looked at the Redflame Beast with a smile without any fear.

The Redflame Beast narrowed his eyes.

As a beast, the number of humans he had slaughtered far exceeded the number of demons he killed.

Signing a contract with Duan Hen was an exception, but that did not mean other humans could be so unbridled in front of him.

“A mere Advanced-level Professional dares to provoke me Human, do you think that dwarf can protect you”


Vermilion Bird was thoroughly enraged.

“Redflame Beast, you better remember this.

If I dont beat you up today, my name wont be Vermilion Bird from now on!” Vermilion Bird was already furious that he could not transform into a human.

He did not expect the Redflame Beast to be so rude and directly touched Vermilion Birds reverse scale!

However, the Redflame Beasts words stunned everyone in the venue.

Advanced-level Professional

Shen Yanxiao


Not long ago, they had received news that she had become a Second-Class Expert.

So how could she be an Advanced-level Professional

Everyone knew that Duan Hen was an Advanced-level Professional.

The reason why people thought that Shen Yanxiao could win was because Shen Yanxiao suppressed Duan Hen in terms of personal strength.

But now, adding the fact that the Redflame Beast was stronger than Vermilion Bird, if Shen Yanxiao was also weaker than Duan Hen…

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