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Chapter 1053: Great Master Xiu, Youve Worked Hard (3)

Although the five beasts knew about her elvish bloodline, it was probably not that easy to accept that she had suddenly become an elf.

Xiu was doing this for her sake.

In fact, Xiu could have left her alone.

In any case, they were in a cooperative relationship.

Xiu was only obligated to ensure her safety.

Truthfully, he didnt need to do so much for her

However, he still did it.

Shen Yanxiao looked at Xiu.

She could not see any emotions on his iceberg-like face, but she felt at ease.

In any case, it seemed like he would take care of everything for her.

Moreover, Xiu did not seem as cold as before.

At the very least, he would take the initiative to tell her some things and was no longer waiting for her questions and requests.

“Xiu, can you help me change my appearance back for me” Shen Yanxiao touched her silver hair.

Even though the color was beautiful, she did not dare to go out and meet people like this.

Without another word, Xiu transformed Shen Yanxiao back into her human form.

Shen Yanxiao blinked.

She increasingly felt that Xiu was very powerful.

This was even better than a disguise mask.

Shen Yanxiao thought for a moment before she sat by the table and looked at Xiu.

“Mother told me that after my elvish bloodline awakens, the battle aura and magic in my body will be suppressed.

If that is the case, has my strength regressed”

“Give me your hand,” Xiu said.

Shen Yanxiao obediently stretched out her claws.

Xius ice-cold palms touched her warm hand and a strange glint flickered in Shen Yanxiaos eyes.

Xiu checked Shen Yanxiaos battle aura and magic and frowned.

“Your… current strength is only at the level of an Advanced-level Professional.”

“No way!” Shen Yanxiao revealed a look of despair.

After all that hard work to become a Second-Class Expert, ah ah ah!

She had actually regressed back to an Advanced-level Professional!

“She said that I will only recover my strength when I nurture my source of life to the same level as my human selfs strength.” Shen Yanxiao cried.

She had always ascended at the speed of a rocket, but all of a sudden, she had regressed so much.

It was not a pleasant feeling to endure such a psychological blow.

“Shes right.” Xiu nodded.

Naturally, he knew whoshe was.

“But to cultivate the source of life, we have to go to the Tree of Life.

The Tree of Life can only be found in the Lunar Continent where elves live.

Should I really go” Shen Yanxiao looked at Xiu, but she was hesitating.

If Xiu wanted to recover his strength, he would have to devour a large amount of dark elements.

If he were to leave the Forsaken Land, wouldnt his recovery be delayed

Shen Yanxiao felt guilty.

Xiu had been helping her all this time.

She found it hard to accept if she delayed Xius recovery for the sake of her own strength.

Especially when she thought of Xius words that night.

He could only find his body after his strength recovered to a certain extent.

Only then could he truly be reborn and not be like right now where he could only appear as a soul.

“What are you worried about” Xiu looked at Shen Yanxiao.

She usually would never hesitate to raise her strength.

Shen Yanxiao pursed her lips.

Staring at Xius slender fingers on her hand, she slowly said, “I dont want to… delay your search for your body.”

It must be inconvenient for him to be in his soul form.

Xiu must also want to be reborn soon.

Xius gaze as he stared at Shen Yanxiao changed and the ice in his eyes seemed to have melted.

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