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Chapter 1048: Source of Life (1)

It was as if Shen Yanxiao had fallen into an endless abyss.

She was surrounded by darkness, with only the end of the abyss shining with a green light.

She did not know how long she had fallen asleep.

The moment she reached the end of the abyss, her body slowly floated down like a feather.

A seed shining with a soft green light was floating in front of her.

Shen Yanxiao looked at the seed in doubt.

An indescribable sense of closeness attracted her closer and closer.

She raised her hand and touched the seed with her fingertips, and a warm current immediately flowed through her body, dispelling the chill.

“Youre here” A gentle female voice suddenly sounded.

Shen Yanxiao looked around in surprise, only to see endless darkness.

However, when she looked at that seed again, she suddenly noticed that the light above the seed was gradually forming an illusory female appearance.

That woman was gentle and kind, and her smiling eyes gave off a feeling of familiarity.

That face was so familiar.

Shen Yanxiao vaguely remembered that she had seen her in the painting Shen Feng showed her.

Wen Ya, Shen Yanxiaos mother.

A gentle lady who possessed half the elvish bloodline.

Just like her name, she was gentle and elegant.

However, her current appearance was slightly different from the painting she had seen.

The Wen Ya in front of her had long silver hair that draped over her shoulders and it was as fluffy as seaweed.

Her pair of light green eyes carried a trace of a smile, and her skin was as white as jade.


That word immediately surfaced in her mind.

The elf-like Wen Ya looked at the confused Shen Yanxiao amiably while her translucent hands held the small seed.

“Mother…” Shen Yanxiao subconsciously called out, but the unfamiliar word caused her to be stunned.


She was merely a soul that had transmigrated, not the primordial spirit of this body.

But why did she call out Mother

Why did she have such a friendly feeling towards Wen Ya.

It was as if they were related by blood—only a mother would give off such a feeling.

Everything seemed so natural.

Wen Ya smiled.

Her smile was gentle and moving, similar to lilies blooming on the grassland in spring.

“Youve grown up, and Im very happy.

The thing that exists before your eyes is merely a shadow that I left in your body back then, all for the sake of telling you about your lineage one day.”

Wen Yas voice was very pleasant, and Shen Yanxiao quietly listened to her.

“I had originally thought that you might not discover this place in your entire lifetime.

However, since youre here, it means that the elvish bloodline in your body has awakened.

There are some things I have to tell you.

I was originally a child born from the union of a human and an elf.

Originally, I lived in the Moon God Continent.

However, I met your father when I was touring the Brilliance Continent.

It was love at first sight for me, and I gave birth to you.”

“Xiaoxiao, theres a portion of the elvish bloodline in your body.

I dont know if this is a good thing or a bad thing for you.

Mixed-bloods are discriminated against no matter which continent they are on.

There isnt much elvish bloodline in your body.

I once thought that perhaps you wouldnt awaken your elvish blood in this lifetime.

But now that youre here, it means that youve awakened it.

From the moment your elvish blood awakens, you are no longer an ordinary human.

A source of life that only elves possess will appear in your heart.

The source of life is the source of elves, similar to the battle aura, magic and mental energy that humans train in.”

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