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If those four young masters had come alone, they would be delighted about the fat sheep in their mouths.

However, the problem was that all four of them came on their first day of business, and the produced result was completely different!

Everyone knew that the five great families were at odds with each other.

Even though the young masters at the table had yet to begin any physical fights, they were already engaged in a verbal battle, complete with all the metaphorical smoke in the air.

The banker wanted to cry.

He did not dare to chase those four youths out.

However, if he were to allow them to continue, he was unsure if the casino would become a battlefield at some point later.

Even if they disregarded their family background, one of them was a top-ranked student in the Magus Division, and another was an outstanding talent of the Knight Division.

Lastly, there was also the chief representative of the Priest Division.

Coupled with that young man who had managed to get into the Herbalist Division with a pretty good result, once they started to fight…

He did not even dare to imagine the scene!!!

If they knew that those four plague gods were to appear at their casino that day, they would rather close for the day to avoid that calamity.

Nonetheless, they were already there, and all of them had even placed their money on the table.

How could the casino turn them away then

Just as everyone waited for a good show, Qi Xia suddenly stood up.

Under everyones horrified gaze, he walked to Shen Yanxiao with a smile and asked, “It seems like we lack a member from the Vermilion Bird Family.

Shen Jue, do you want to come over here and make up the number”

Make up the number!!

Qi Xias words successfully shifted everyones attention to a certain petite figure.

The extremely ordinary youth with a plain appearance was only about thirteen to fourteen of age.

His dull face seemed exceptionally pathetic when placed among Qi Xia and the others at the table.

However, all of them paid more notice to what Qi Xia had said.

They still lacked a family from the five great aristocratic families Did he mean the Vermillion Bird Family Furthermore, what did Qi Xia called that person Shen Jue!

Wasnt Shen the surname of the Vermilion Bird Family

Could the dull youth be a member of the Vermilion Bird Family

Shen Yanxiaos lips twitched as she looked at a certain person who had wanted to pull her into the muddy waters.

It was not hard for Qi Xia to guess her identity when she revealed the nameShen Jue to him.

She knew that Qi Xia would find out that she belonged to the Vermilion Bird Family.

However, he should know that she was only a small figure from one branch of the family.

Why did he have to drag her into that situation

To instigate a fight between the five great families As asmall member from another branch of the family, it was practically impossible for her to be on par with those young masters!

Shen Yanxiao could not figure out Qi Xias plot, and Qi Xia had forcibly dragged her toward the table under everyones horrified gaze.

She could clearly sense the fierce gazes behind her back!

‘Hey hey, Im only here as a bystander alright! Please let me off!

The crowd looked at Shen Yanxiao strangely.

There was no lack of people with the surname Shen in Longxuan Empire, but only the Vermilion Bird Family among the five great aristocratic families had that surname.

They knew all of the younger generation members in the main family.

Other than Shen Yanxiao who had never appeared in public, they thought they had already seen everyone relevant.

Furthermore, as they observed the youths wardrobe and appearance, he did not seem like a member of an aristocratic family.

He was probably a poor kid from another branch of the family.

It did not matter if Shen Yanxiao had liked it or not; she had already been pulled onto the stage.

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