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Chapter 1039: Is It A Blessing Or A Curse (4)

“Luo Fan” Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrows.

Duan Hen sat down on a wooden pole beside her.

“The City Lord of Blizzard City must have told you about Luo Fans stay in Twilight City.”

“You were the one who released the news” Shen Yanxiao was smart enough to know that it was impossible for everyone to know that Luo Fan had been left behind inTwilight City.

The reason why Long Fei knew of it was probably because someone had deliberately revealed it to him.

Furthermore, the person who revealed this information must have wanted to use Long Feis mouth to convey it to her.

However, she did not expect it to be Duan Hen.

“Its me.” Duan Hen admitted decisively.

“What do you want to trade Luo Fan with me for Luo Fan is merely a loser of my past.

In my eyes, he is worthless so I believe he is not really an adequate bargaining chip for our deal.” Shen Yanxiao immediately lacked interest in the deal.

No matter how highly Long Fei and Duan Hen valued Luo Fan, she had never viewed him as her opponent.

If Luo Fan was smart, he would not have let her discover his existence in Twilight City.

Now that he was exposed, wouldnt it be easy for her to investigate anything

Luo Fan couldnt even hide himself.

For such a worthless man, she even disdained to think of ways to deal with him.

Duan Hen shook his head and said, “I am not using Luo Fan to trade with you.

Instead, I am using the information he revealed to Elder Wen to trade with you.

You should know that Luo Fans cultivation was crippled by you.

However, if I were to tell you that Luo Fan is a Great Magus, would you still think that he is worthless”

“Luo Fan is a Great Magus” Shen Yanxiao was surprised.

Even at his peak, Luo Fan was only a Herbalist.

How did he become a Magus

Duan Hen was satisfied with Shen Yanxiaos surprise.

He knew that he had found enough chips for the deal.

“I can tell you that Luo Fan stayed behind in Twilight City because he wanted to negotiate a deal with Elder Wen.

The content of the deal is related to how he became a Great Magus, and one of the rewards he wants is related to you.”

“Tell me about it.” Shen Yanxiaos expression became more serious.

“He promised to help the Elders Council to increase their strength, but Elder Wen must eliminate everyone around you before you leave Twilight City.” Duan Hen said.

“Eliminate” Shen Yanxiao narrowed her eyes.

Elder Wen sure had a huge appetite.

“I dont know why he doesnt take revenge on you directly but asked Elder Wen to eliminate the people by your side instead.

But what I can be sure of is that Elder Wen has agreed to his request.

Day by day, the Elders Council is gathering more and more people for this task, which is Luo Fans goals,” Duan Hen said.

“Then how do you wish to make a deal with me” Shen Yanxiao curled her lips and looked at Duan Hen.

Duan Hen was a very smart guy so he would not come to her for no reason.

Furthermore, she was also very clear that if she wanted to obtain more information, she had to make this deal with Duan Hen.

However, she was curious as to what Duan Hen wanted her to help him with.

Duan Hen looked at Shen Yanxiao and slowly said, “I want you to kill some people for me.”

“You want me to kill for you Duan Hen, you really think highly of me.

If you want to kill someone, with your Redflame Beast, you can do it yourself.

Unless the person you want to get rid of is someone you shouldnt kill, or someone you cant let others find out that you kill him.” Shen Yanxiaos words exposed Duan Hens unfinished words.

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