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Chapter 1029: Lets See Whos More Shameless (6)

“In that case, City Lord of Fantasy Devil City, please draw the ball first.” The notary had already placed the four crystal balls into a sealed box, revealing only a small hole on top of the box.

According to the rules, the sequence of the draw would be based on their placing in the previous round.

Fantasy Devil City was the first to lose so naturally, Geng Di would be the first to draw.

Geng Di pursed his lips and reached in.

He fumbled for a long time before he took out his hand.

Geng Di opened his palm and saw a red crystal ball quietly sitting there.

When Elder Wen saw the red crystal ball Geng Di drew, a smile surfaced on his face.

As long as Duan Hen followed the previous agreement and picked the last unmarked red crystal ball, then he would definitely face Geng Di.

Elder Wen was not worried about any accidents happening as he already knew the sequence of the draw.

He leaned against the chair with satisfaction and waited for Duan Hen to carry out their plan to the end.

After Geng Di finished drawing the ball, the next one would be Duan Hen.

Duan Hen looked at the box with some hesitation.

He subconsciously looked towards Elder Wen and when he saw him nodding, then he slowly reached his hand in.

However, there was a trace of unwillingness and hatred hidden in the depth of Duan Hens eyes.

He carefully used his fingertips to touch three crystal balls in the box and finally found one that was not marked.

He took a deep breath and took it out.

However, the moment Duan Hen spread out his palms, he was stunned.

In his palm was not a red crystal ball, but a blue one!

Elder Wens complexion turned deathly white in an instant.

He rubbed his eyes in disbelief and looked at the two entirely different crystal balls in Geng Di and Duan Hens hands.

How was that possible He clearly made a mark yesterday and with Duan Hens personality, it was impossible for him to go against him at such a time.

However, why did the crystal ball that had been tampered with suddenly changed

Elder Wens expression was unsightly to the extreme.

Things did not progress according to his plan and regardless of who Duan Hen was selected to fight against, it was absolutely not something he was happy to see.

Shen Yanxiao and Long Fei were not easy to deal with.

Even if Duan Hen won, he would have to pay a huge price.

On the other hand, the other person who would be fighting Geng Di would breeze through the fight.

That was completely against Elder Wens wishing.

However, the drawing of lots was happening in front of everyone.

Even if Elder Wen wanted to do a redraw, he would never dare to do so.

If he were to force a redraw, it would mean exposing his manipulation of the lots.

At that time, not to mention winning the tournament, even the reputation of Twilight City would be completely ruined.

That was something Elder Wen could never accept!

Right now, it was impossible to stop halfway.

He could only look on helplessly as his plan got completely ruined.

Never in his wildest dreams did he expect that his scheme had fallen into Shen Yanxiaos trap.

If not for his evil intentions, it would not have been so easy for Shen Yanxiao to attack him.

After all, before Shen Yanxiao drew lots, Duan Hen would draw lots first and there was a certain chance that he could draw the same crystal ball as Duan Hen.

The surprise on Duan Hens face disappeared in an instant.

He quietly stood at one side and lowered his head.

However, there was a trace of a smile and delight hidden in his eyes.

Regardless of what was happening, he liked this ending.

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