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Chapter 1025: Lets See Whos More Shameless (2)

“Moreover, Shen Yanxiaos strength is rumored to be pretty good.

According to the information from Geng Di, Shen Yanxiao herself possesses Vermilion Bird that can contend against your Redflame Beast.

Moreover, she seems to have broken through to the second class promotion.

Right now, you have just broken through to the Advanced-level Profession so Im afraid it would be somewhat strenuous for you to fight against her.

Moreover, the outcome of the fight would be hard to predict.

Geng Di is the weakest of the four and if he were to match against you in the first round, you will be able to conserve more than half of your strength and force Shen Yanxiao and Long Fei to compete against each other.

No matter which side wins, the one who benefits in the end would be you.

Duan Hen, Im thinking for your sake.” Elder Wen had an earnest expression on his face, not minding that he had just betrayed his ally, Geng Di.

It was not wrong to harm others to benefit oneself.

Geng Di tried all means to rope in Elder Wen, but in the end, he was used as a chess piece by Elder Wen.

It was honestly hard to laugh or cry at this situation.

Shen Yanxiao hid in the dark and sneered when she heard Elder Wens words.

Elder Wen was indeed a crafty old fox.

If she had not decided to come at the last minute, she would have fallen into his trap tomorrow.

Be it using her hands to pull Long Fei down or to use Long Feis hands to pull her down, either way it was beneficial for Twilight City.

Letting Duan Hen deal with Geng Di would be like getting a free win.

In the finals, either she or Long Fei would definitely be severely injured from their fight.

Even for them, it would be extremely strenuous to fight against Duan Hen at his peak condition.

“What an old fox.” Shen Yanxiao snorted.

After Duan Hen heard Elder Wens words, he hesitantly nodded and said, “Thank you Elder Wen for your painstaking efforts.

I, Duan Hen, would like to thank you.”

Elder Wen looked at Duan Hens obedient appearance with satisfaction and said with a smile, “Its good that you know Im doing this for your own good.

Youre still young and there are many things you are lacking in.

Your father was also raised by the Elders Council.

Unfortunately, he suddenly passed away and left you alone without anyone to rely on.

If we dont help you, wouldnt you be bullied to death by the other City Lords in the Forsaken Land Rest assured that as long as the Elders Council is around, we will not let you suffer.”

Duan Hen was silent for a moment before he cupped his fists and said, “Duan Hen is grateful for the protection of the Elders Council.

I will certainly repay this debt with the Gushing Spring.

Duan Hen is incompetent, and that is why the Elders have to go through so much trouble.”

“Forget it.

No matter what, you were nurtured by the Elders Council.

Your father is also very respectful towards the Elders Council.

We are only supporting you because of your father.

Its good that you know how to be grateful,” Elder Wen smiled and said with a kind expression.

However, Shen Yanxiao could no longer stand Elder Wens hypocritical appearance.

That old bastard claimed that he was doing this for Duan Hens good, but what he said in front of others was completely different.

Long Fei had told her that with Elder Wen here, Duan Hen would be a puppet without any freedom or dignity to speak of.

Duan Hen had to be respectful to Elder Wen in public and in private.

He had to listen to Elder Wens orders even when it came to his citizens.

Elder Wen spoke nicely, but his words repeatedly reminded Duan Hen of his kindness.

Furthermore, that high and mighty attitude of his was disgusting.

He was an extremely hypocritical old man.

Furthermore, according to Long Fei, Duan Hens father, Duan Wuyas death seemed to be closely related to the Elders Council.

Who was he trying to fool with his hypocrisy

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