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Chapter 1023: Plan to Catch Magical Beasts (4)

“Why are you two so excited.

What happened today” Shen Yanxiao propped her chin and looked at Nangong Mengmeng and Tang Nazhi.

“Ill explain!!” Nangong Mengmeng slapped Tang Nazhi away and completely disregarded the so-called dignity of aSenior Uncle as she squeezed her way towards Shen Yanxiao and recounted the afternoon battle between Twilight City and Blizzard City.

Their fight was the peak of what the team battle could produce.

Twilight City was indeed worthy of being the champion of the previous tournament—their strength was absolutely savage.

They had at least thirty high-level magical beasts among the hundred participants.

In comparison, the ten high-level magical beasts from Fantasy Devil City looked like dregs.

But, Blizzard City had more high-level magical beasts than Twilight City.

From the start of the fight, the atmosphere in the venue was boiling.

Be it the personal strength of Team Twilight City or the tacit cooperation between Team Blizzard City, everyone enjoyed it.

The fight went on from morning until afternoon; the number of participants in the arena continuously dwindled.

At the last moment, Blizzard City still took the lead and swept everyone from Team Twilight City off the stage.

Everyone from their alliance had won, but Team Blizzard Citys situation was much better than their team.

Even though many of them were injured, there were no major problems.

There were not many casualties.

Hearing Blizzard Citys victory, Shen Yanxiao smiled a little.

Team Twilight City could be considered as capable to have fought against Team Blizzard City to this extent.


Long Fei had probably delayed their win to preserve the reputation of Twilight City.

Otherwise, Blizzard City would immediately have crushed Twilight City in terms of the number of high-level magical beasts and the teamwork.

If Team Blizzard City really put on the pressure, it was impossible for the fight to drag on for such a long time.

The only explanation was that Long Fei had his men deliberately go easy on them to fight a seemingly exciting match.

That way, people would assume that both sides were equally matched which would save the reputation of Twilight City.

Even if they were to lose, it would not be an ugly loss.

Long Fei was indeed an experienced person.

He knew his limits and was much more tactful than Shen Yanxiao.

If it had been Shen Yanxiao, it would be strange if she didnt have her people knock out Team Twilight City in front of Elder Wen.

Qi Xia and the rest had also guessed the inside story.

Only simple-minded people like Tang Nazhi and Nangong Mengmeng would think that the two sides were equally matched.

“Since Blizzard City has won, its not a pity to forfeit the final.” Shen Yanxiao chuckled.

It was much more comfortable for the champion of the team battle to fall into Blizzard Citys hands than to fall into Twilight Citys hands.

At the very least, they were considered to be on their side, right

If Shen Yanxiao was despicable enough, she could use the fact that she had saved Long Feis life to force Long Fei to give the victory of the team battle to Sun Never Sets.

In any case, as long as they were to go up the stage, Blizzard City would admit defeat regardless of whether they could win or not.

Unfortunately, Shen Yanxiao was not that shameless.

Plus, it was only a team battle.

There were still two more battles to go.

Whether it was the individual battle or the group battle, Sun Never Sets had to win it all.

On the day of the final, Sun Never Sets had automatically conceded the fight.

Blizzard City had won the first battle, and soon after, it would be the highly anticipated individual competition.

The four City Lords had set off!

Soldiers against soldiers, generals against generals.

The four City Lords would decide the winner tomorrow!

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