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Chapter 1019: Glory Is My Life (9)

“The majority of high-level magical beasts live in the mountains far away from the public.

It might not be difficult to find them, but they are powerful and it would take a lot of effort to capture them,” Li Xiaowei knew that Shen Yanxiaos decision would not change and so, he just answered directly.

“Perhaps we can purchase it I know that the Bounty Hall in the north of the Longxuan Empire might have the ability to accomplish this task,” Tang Nazhi said.

“Bounty Hall” This was the second time Shen Yanxiao had heard of this place.

The first time she heard this word from the five beasts when she was collecting the formula for the Blood Banquet Potion.

Qi Xia said, “The Bounty Hall is an organization or more specifically, a trading organization.

Many hidden experts would place some valuable items there to exchange for what they need.

To put it simply, its to exchange for items.

You can place what you think is precious in the Bounty Hall and you can choose what you want to exchange for.

If someone possesses what you want and coincidentally wishes to exchange it with the item in your hands, then the Bounty Hall will help you complete this transaction and after the transaction succeeds, you must pay them a commission.”

Many experts no longer cared about money or jewelry.

What they needed were treasures that were hard to find in the world.

Similarly, they had many treasures in their hands which were not that useful to them.

The Bounty Hall served these hidden experts.

The Longxuan Empire, the Blue Moon Dynasty, the God Wind Alliance, and the Seven Kingdoms had a Bounty Hall.

“You can also issue missions in the Bounty Hall.

There are many bounty hunters in the Bounty Hall but they are not mercenaries.

The remuneration they want is not gold coins.

Only if you can satisfy their needs will they help you get what you want.” Qi Xia explained the Bounty Hall system to Shen Yanxiao.

Bounty hunters were different from mercenaries.

Most of them acted alone, and there were not many of them.

Most of them were around the level of an Advanced-level Professional.

There were even some Second-Class Experts who would accept missions in the Bounty Hall.

Whether they could invite them or not would depend on whether the remuneration could move their hearts.

“That is a good idea, but we are not sure what they require.” Yang Xi frowned.

Something that could move an Advanced-level Professional and a Second-Class Expert was probably priceless, even if it was not a rare treasure.

“Theres no hurry.

After we return to Sun Never Sets, I will get someone to bring over the detailed list of the four Bounty Halls.

We can discuss it then.” Qi Xia smiled and said.

“But even if we were to ask bounty hunters for help, it would still be difficult to get more than eighty high-level magical beasts.” Tang Nazhi softly muttered.

“Theres another method.” Qi Xia smiled.


“Capture high-level magical beasts yourself,” Qi Xia said.

“Do it yourself” Tang Nazhi blinked.

Qi Xia explained.

“Our mythical beasts have a huge influence on magical beasts.

Moreover, if we want to capture them ourselves, I reckon well have to trouble Xiao Feng.”

Lan Fengli, who had been sitting quietly by Shen Yanxiaos side, suddenly heard his name and looked up at Qi Xia with confusion.

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