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Chapter 1006: Twilight City (24)

The atmosphere in the hall was somewhat stifling—no one spoke first.

Coincidentally, Yan Yu had just finished preparing the food, and he and Yang Xi were carrying the plates of food over.

When the fragrant food was served, Tang Nazhis stomach started growling.

The tense atmosphere instantly relaxed.

Everyone looked at Tang Nazhi.

No matter how thick-skinned Tang Nazhi was, he could not withstand theirpassionate gazes.

His handsome face blushed as he said in embarrassment, “Hey, dont look at me.

Hurry up and eat.

If youre slow, itll be gone.” With that said, he picked up his chopsticks and started eating.

Everyone broke into laughter and started eating as well.

Shen Yanxiao held the chopsticks and looked at everyone with a smile.

Soon after, her gaze paused on the chopsticks for a moment before shifting away.

“Cough, Ill change my clothes first.

You guys eat first.” Shen Yanxiao put down her chopsticks and stood up directly.

She took an empty bowl from the table and swiftly picked up a piece of each dish and placed it in the bowl.

Then, she carried the bowl filled with delicacies and ran upstairs.

Everyone who was enjoying their meal was puzzled.

If Shen Yanxiao wanted to change her clothes, so be it.

But why did she bring a bowl of vegetables along

Shen Yanxiao snuck into her room and quickly placed the small bowl on the table.

Soon after, she took out the pair of chopsticks that she had secretly stashed away in Blizzard City.

She looked around and poured some water from the teapot to wash the chopsticks carefully.

Then, she wiped it with a handkerchief and placed it on the bowl.

“Xiu! Come out!” Shen Yanxiao suddenly shouted.

Xiu, who was resting in her hearts lake, slowly opened his golden eyes.

When he heard Shen Yanxiaos call, he transformed into a ball of black mist and walked out from her hearts lake.

However, when Xiu condensed his body in the room, he only saw a certain petite figure fleeing and shutting the door behind her.

The fragrance of food entered his nose.

He followed the scent and saw a bowl of food on the table with a piece of paper under it.

“Ah Yus cooking is pretty good.

Its definitely better than the chefs in Blizzard City.

Youll regret it if you dont eat it.” The words on the note carried a trace of haste.

Xiu swept across the words on the note and narrowed his eyes as he looked at the small bowl of dishes.

In the small palm-sized bowl, there was only one bite of each dish.

It was similar to how Xiu wished to eat when he ate in Blizzard City.

Xiu hesitated for a moment before he sat down on a stool.

As he looked at those familiar chopsticks, something seemed to flash past his eyes.

He gracefully picked up the chopsticks and slowly picked up a small piece of vegetable and placed it in his mouth.

Shen Yanxiao rushed up the stairs and then ran down at lightning speed.

Everyones gaze turned strange.

They could not be bothered to eat as all of them stared at Shen Yanxiao who had her head buried in her food.

“Xiaoxiao” Tang Nazhi stared at Shen Yanxiao as she buried herself in her food and poked her elbow.

“What” Shen Yanxiao took a bite of the rice and asked without looking up.

“Why did you go upstairs” Tang Nazhi whispered.

Shen Yanxiaos movements paused for a moment before she immediately returned to normal.

She then said in a rather calm tone, “To change my clothes.”

“…” Tang Nazhi was speechless.

He looked at the clothes Shen Yanxiao was wearing.

If he remembered correctly…

Her clothes didnt change at all!

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